Ancient Navajo and Native Americans Migrations

This is the story of the Diné, The People, as the Navajos call themselves and there migration to Dinétah.

Dinétah is the traditional homeland of the Navajo tribe of Native Americans. In the Navajo language, the word “Dinétah” means “among the people”.

The Navajo, are the largest Native American group in North America.

The Navajos say they came from the north and archaeologists bear them out. From Bering Strait to the shores of Hudson Bay and from the Arctic Ocean to the American line, the native inhabitants are chiefly Athabascans.

Then down the coast of the Pacific, near the coast but seldom on it, little tribes of Athabascan stock mark the trail of a great southern migration which may or may not have brought the ancestors of the Navajos.

‘The earliest inhabitants of America were hunters who migrated from the Asian mainland across the Bering Straits land bridge between 40,000 and 25,000 B.C.E. ‘ (European Voyages of Exploration: Latin America University of Calgary The Applied History Research Group)

Routes if Ancient Americas Migrations

That a land bridge between Asia and North America existed during the last ice age is strongly supported by geological evidence. Ocean water locked up in glacial ice lowered sea levels to the point where a corridor up to 1600km or more wide existed between Siberia and Alaska.

“Long before Euro-Americans entered the Great Basin, substantial numbers of people lived within the present boundaries of Utah. Archaeological reconstructions suggest human habitation stretching back some 12,000 years. The earliest known inhabitants were members of what has been termed the Desert Archaic Culture–nomadic hunter-gatherers with developed basketry, flaked-stem stone tools, and implements of wood and bone. They inhabited the region between 10,000 B.C. and A.D. 400.

These peoples moved in extended family units, hunting small game and gathering the periodically abundant seeds and roots in a slightly more cool and moist Great Basin environment.

About A.D. 400, the Fremont Culture began to emerge in northern and eastern Utah out of this Desert tradition. The Fremont peoples retained many Desert hunting-gathering characteristics yet also incorporated a maize-bean-squash horticultural component by A.D. 800-900. They lived in masonry structures and made sophisticated basketry, pottery, and clay figurines for ceremonial purposes. Intrusive Numic peoples displaced or absorbed the Fremont sometime after A.D. 1000.

Beginning in A.D. 400, the Anasazi, with their Basketmaker Pueblo Culture traditions, moved into southeastern Utah from south of the Colorado River. Like the Fremont to the north the Anasazi (a Navajo word meaning “the ancient ones”) were relatively sedentary peoples who had developed a maize-bean-squash-based agriculture.

The Anasazi built rectangular masonry dwellings and large apartment complexes that were tucked into cliff faces or situated on valley floors like the structures at Grand Gulch and Hovenweep National Monument. They constructed pithouse granaries, made coiled and twined basketry, clay figurines, and a fine gray-black pottery. The Anasazi prospered until A.D. 1200-1400 when climactic changes, crop failures, and the intrusion of Numic hunter-gatherers forced a southward migration and reintegration with the Pueblo peoples of Arizona and New Mexico.”

ddd Archaeologists believe the indigenous peoples that eventually populated the Americas occurred in three separate migrations.The largest of these groups is referred to as the Amerind (Paleo-Indians). The Amerind, which includes most Native Americans south of the Canadian border, commenced around 11,500 B.C..A second migration called the Na-Dene occurred between 10,000 B.C. and 8, 000 B.C.. Even though at this point the Bering Sea separated Siberia and Alaska, it was only three miles wide in some places.

The Athapascan speaking populations of Canada and the United States belong to this group of migrants. The Apache and Navajo in the southwestern United States are from the Athapascan migrants.

The third migration around 3,000 B.C. included the Aleuts and Eskimos of Alaska, Canada, and the Aleutian Islands (Taylor).

According to modern belief The Navajos are descended from that great race which produced Genghis Khan and conquered in his lifetime half the world. While the victorious Mongols were driving relentlessly west and south, making kings and emperors their vassals, some small fragments of their clans were crossing Bering Sea, probably on the ice, and gradually overrunning North America.

Navajo men

Photography by Dane Coolidge NAVAJO TYPES Above: Hosteen Yazzi, Short Man, showing Pueblo influence (left); Hosteen Nez, Tall Man (right). Below: Kia ahni Nez, Tall Kia abni (left); Hosteen Tso, Big Man (right).

There are, many significant facts which, to the student of literature at least, prove an Asiatic origin.The Venetian traveler, Marco Polo, who visited the Court of Kublai Khan in 1275, gives some very interesting accounts of the Mongols,At a later date the French Jesuit, M. Hue, describes the wild tribes of the Grasslands. We have thus a picture of the social life of the Mongols with which to make comparisons.
Both authors agree that among the primitive Mongols the women attended to all the trading.They bought and sold and provided every necessity for their husbands and families: ‘The time of the men,’ as Marco Polo says, ‘being entirely devoted to hunting, hawking, and matters that relate to military life.’

The same is true among the Navajos to-day, as far as the women are concerned.

“Wherever they went — until the white people subdued them — the Dineh’ like the Mongols, were raiders and spoilers. The mystery of the vanished Cliff-Dwellers is a mystery no longer when we know the nature of the warriors who came among them. The Zuñis told Cushing that twenty-two different tribes had been wiped out by the Enemy People, as they called them; and the walled-up doors of proud Pueblo Bonito testify mutely to the fears of its inhabitants.” (Dane Coolidge 1930)


Photograph by Dane Coolidge NAVAJOS WRESTLING, KAYENTA, 1913


Photograph from the Central Asiatic Expeditious of the American Museum of Natural History MONGOLS WRESTLING

History of the Navajo

Ancient Navajo and Native Americans Migrations
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The Americans and the Navajo
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  1. Ysrael Adam-Walker says

    To L. Yazzie: There is no such thing as a Jewish DNA or Gene Markers. Judaism is a religious culture.

  2. Jemen Seed Hopper says

    The People came out of the Earth

  3. L. Yazzie says

    All people on our earth are related ! I have DNA of Mongolians from my mother, caucasian Georgians from my father and Jewish. My Navajo husband do not believe we are relatives by some Mongolian blood. I was born in Kazakhstan where are mongoloids lives, and I can tell for sure, I had seen so many Navajo faces in Navajo reservation look alike with mongols, and how to explain that fact athabascan language is branch of Ancient Chinese language, the same pronunciation. In Siberia near Lake Baikal where group of people speaks Athabascan, some of them even travel to Arizona to speack to Navajos in 1960th. We are all related, tribalism is very bad thing, you can preserve your culture and believes with out to be tribal, I mean, people to live in peace need to except other people culture and believes. Oh, it’s just a dream, peace on Earth!

  4. Naaia Murphy says

    The Zunis were never protected by the Navajos from the “enemy people,” or the Hopi as someone had mentioned. In fact, Zunis are closely tied with the Hopis, I am not sure where the misinformation came from. The Navajos and Apaches used to raid the Pueblo villages. I am assuming there is no Zunis on here to help clarify but if any one knows a Zuni, ask them. In our oral hisory, Pueblos were raided and the women and children were taken captive. Much of the traditions and many other things were taken because Navajos and Apaches did not know how to work the land out here…over hundreds of years they were able to successfully adapt to this area. Their origin story is VERY similar to the Zunis and Hopis. Most of our own religious sites are claimed by the Navajo, in which, the government gave them because, most of the time the Pueblos were not able to purchase the land the government gave them first dibs on, the Navajos had more money to purchase it even though it was not culturally or religously theirs. (Ask Octavius Seowtewa, he works with an archaeological team alongside Navajo cultural advisors, Hopi cultural advisors, and the other 18 Pueblo cultural advisors in retracing their tribes’ creation stories).. This is very interesting, I know it seems more of a argument on who’s right and who’s wrong, but it really depends on what you were taught. Someone mentioned earlier that i you believe it then I guess it happened, I don’t think so, because if we want to believe in anything then what is really, truly, aunthentic? What is it that makes my culture my own, whether it be Navajo, Apache, Hopi, Pueblo, or Plains Native? I know today, everyone is about adapting other cultures but your ancesters were not brought up to adapt to another culture, we spent years assimilating to western culture, if our own religion and culture is truly sacred, why are we adapting other religions than our own? If our own religions is truly sacred, why are Natives exploiting their culture and traditions?
    I have many Navajo and Apache family, in-laws, and friends. This is always a touchy subject because of the history of violence, there are a lot of Navajos that surround the Hopi and Pueblo reservations, I believe much of the animosity between the two groups (Navajos and Pueblos) is due to the violent history, which, whether anyone wants to believe or not, had to deal with being raided and cultural customs that were adapted or stolen (for some people who are still hostile toward this subject).

  5. jess martin says

    I’m sittin here reading some of comments sent in, hmm, it says a lot of who we’d really become. Majority of our people, “Navajos”, really don’t know who we are anymore. I am one like Mr. Lee, I know the man. I also know where Ms. Tso is coming from. Are we related to The Asian People?, we probably are, some where in evolution of time, and yes we are called “Navajos” after the arrival of Spanish people. I have read in a lot of sites too, where the word “Dine” is so used and abused, and in the process lost it’s real meaning. I have sat in Mr. Lees workshops and presentations, and like he said, ALL living things are referred to as “Dine ii”. Naa taa gii Dine, (birds), Toh yi’ Dine, (fish) and us, Nii ho kaa, bii lah, ash gla’ Dine, (earth dwellers with five fingers). Also that we are decendants of what non natives call “Anasazi” or The Pueblo People. All oral history, that of the emergence of “Navajos”, thru four words is Pueblo. It is understanding, yes, that thru integration the oral history was passed down, into todays “Navajos”. If we look back and do a lil research on us (Navajos), we can and well see that a lot has changed, since 1864, upon return from Fort Sumner, we as “Navajos” lost or left some of our identity in ‘Whal di”, Fort Sumner, with our late ancestors. We no longer believed in our ‘SIX’ Holy Directions in which creation was made, we came back with a new culture, we were taken there as we were suppose to have been, but came back different. A new look, with more words, most new words were from Spanish, the six holy directions became four, and so on. I’m going back in history researching who we really were, and the findings are astounding, like I’ve learned in Mr.Lee’s class, he told us, you can not find your pass by being ‘self centered’, you have to look at all avenues to finding your pass. which includes anthropology research. One thing I did find, yes we are from the Pueblos, but after going separate we were labeled with a tag, “Navajos”, and the early prejudice traders and whiskey peddlers called us “Jonz” referring to outhouses. For years we’ve praised the non native culture, in some cases thinking that it was to make us better in society, but if you step back a bit and really looked at us, what we perceived as being good really made our people stupid, today about 90% of our younger people have no idea who we are, or don’t give a “rats ass”, it was said, that it was fore told that someday we would lose our identity, as which time stupidity (dii gis’) would take over, I truly believe that day has come. So, are we descendants of Asians? Somewhere many , many years ago probably. For some of us that think like non natives, well, there’s a possibility we are descendants of monkeys. Again, like Mr Lee said, you believe in yourself, if you believe it than, it probably is. For what little it’s worth, thank you for letting me share my mind..

  6. Cheryl Willie says

    It’s a wonder to really think about it, I am a Dine woman a native of the NM and it draws many signs of the connections. I know many have a boastful remarks to their comments, on where we emerge from. Manuelito known as Chief Manuelito, was one who was very boastful too and then of course he was a War leader. Now, when we are identify as asians, I mean come on, you have to wonder and why do we look like them? I myself was told I look like a Cambodian woman, and I thought really? Whether we are in Modern time, it is still the same on our identities. I read one person saying we were not We had been and still are Farmers, we hold our corns highly and its pollen, prayers and ceremonies. We taught the Spaniards how to make Corn Tortillas among many things for them to survive on. We were never the Raiders as the History Books are print for the world to read. As one commented that; (The current name Navajo/Apache was a name given to them by the pueblo people already in the southwest for thousands of years. The Pueblos were pastoral farmers, peace loving, and the newcomers were fearsome wariors. The Puebloan people called the new people Apachu de Navajo ( or raiders of the fields). Thus the name used today Apache and Navajo.) LOL Now, she read one of those faulty History Books. As, our Dine Ancestors were the War lord of the Deserts, they protected the nearby Neighbors, and we still do. Where and how we came to here through the 4 worlds as we claim is still a wonder. Just recently, my niece, nephew who are half Dine from Baltimore MD. took a DNA test along with their mother, the results for my nephew and niece indicated 11percent Asian, 10percent Mediterranean, 47 percent Caucasian, and 48 percent Native American. Now the Asian part, like what? who?? Their mom is Caucasian. Whatever the case maybe, I am still a Dine (Na-Va-Ho) came from the Spaniards not the Pueblos, the Franciscan had recorded many things at their pleasings, and went to war with the Spaniards too. Again, I am a Dine (Na-Va-Ho) Woman, who speaks, reads, write in my own language. I would like to get my DNA done, but I come back to my Ancestors past, and you know what? I got my Ancestors in me and I am a FULL ON First NATION (DINE NATION)

  7. Anthony Lee says

    Navajos, in todays modern time are NOT, of these descent. Yes, we sorta look alike but, we are not. Through studies and oral history of our ancestors, they tell of a time a group of people emerging in a world which was later known to us as The White World. It was here these people arriving in this new world sought out those that were here before us, The Pueblos, were here way long before The Athabaskin People arrived, upon their arriving an intergration started to happen among these two tribes. Today, about 95% Navajos are Pueblo descent, out of the 4% are the four clans that separated themselves at the time of the arrival into White World but coming back as the four clans, NOT as a “main” clan but just as a clan. Yes we all arrived through migration from the north, and through separation and intermarriages we became known as “Navajos and “Apaches” which was name given by The United States Government. The word “Dine” does NOT only mean ‘People’, it means everything that lives, the trees, animals, insects, and so on. Non tsa’ Dine, means all plants including trees, chosh Dine means insect, and so on. Dinetah means “among all living things”. This is just a short summary of what is ‘real’, and down to earth meanings. I express myself as a ‘Nih’ ho kaa Dine bi la’ us gla”.

  8. John Bland says

    Some comments about Dine coming from Mongolia does not matter at all. Since the Natives people’s have been here on this Continent longer than most Europeans have been in Europe. So if we want to talk about the pot calling the kettle black this is a great example. As Native Americans have handed down strories about hunting Mammoths. Even Asian and Europeans do not have this left in their culture.

  9. James Castro says

    This has all been great reading and learning of my ancestors. I just recently learned that my great grand-father was a fourth generation born and raised on a Navajo reservation in Colorado. Where can I look up his/my family tree or Navajo ancestors?

  10. I Am Christopher ROBIN HULLIGER ,I am of LENNI lenape decent. WE are also knowm as the Delaware Indian People because LORD DELAWARE of ENgland was givin the authority to oversee the indigenous people of delaware Valley IT covered most of the area from the chesapeak bay to ohio and North ,he was one of the politicians of England who worked with tribunial Chiefs ana shagi washegi LIGHT ACROSS THE SKY was a chief ,he was my greatgrandfathers father. my GREATGRANDFATHER WAS RECOGNIZED early on in 1832 by the elders of the oklahoma cherokee and some Delaware from across the delaware bay . this elder was known as red fox . reds fox was from the area of dover delaware. i did not know much about my heritage until later in life ,at 11 years of age i met Henry Crow Dog ,My bfather was a friend and supporter of him off the Reservation ,HEnry WAS one of the TRadionals ,few know him but his son leonard Crow Dog ,..he often said he was doing gods worc and crow dog backwards spells god worc (work) AT 16 i MET lincoln TRitt Chief OF THE GWITCH-EN ,… i Learned FRom LINCOLNS work BEing A studend in Native American Indian Anthropology at the UNIVERSITY of OREGON .HE walked As a free humanbeing 3 times from alaska to russia and on to europe in the harshest of weather but the only time when you can walk across the northern hemisphere in subzero climates of -20 to -120 . the cap was those temps prior to the mid 80s when we spotted the first lake in 1987 . WE never were gone more than a year . No cell phones back then. I worked when i could and i luckily made very high pay .Wealthy people liked having me around them for a few months and i was paid 3000 to 20000 a month to educate them with very important knowledge ,they had no connections to learn for themselves or they were to scared to leave their home or offices . I have no problem in any situation any place on this planet .HEnry CROW DOG was from the sky JUST as my people were too <He was a keeper of tradional teachings and also the most knowledgable of his original language . the crow dog clan has learned how too not be made prisoner HENRY CROWDOG the last ghoST dAnCER. HIS GREATGRANDFATHER BROUGHT PEYOTE MEDICINE TO THE LAKOTA NAKOTA BLACKFOOT TRIBES OF CANADA AND MONTANA .peyote helped much of the WARRIORS to see through the demons And THE ghost DAnce gave Them Abilities to shape shift into animal spirits rocks and trees .TO become one with nature not just living in it . THE aNASAZI came to the SOUTHERN REGIONS of WHAT IS known AS BRITISH COLUMBIA ,tHEY MET OTHER VOYAGING TRIBES FROM FAR AWAY LANDS OF SOUTH AMERICA AND THE RED MAN FROM THE EASTERN BANDS NOW it Is found primarly in SONORA MEXICO . please grow on the your lands the native plants that our ancestors grew .these plant medicines will give you knowledge because they are deep in your DNA .THE evil THE CHURCHES CHRISTIANITY THE GWITCH-EN WROTE THEIR OWN VERSION OF THE BIBLE IN GWITCH-EN .METHODOLOGY was brought to this land which is the KING jAMES VERSION BUT WRITTEN IN LAMENS TERMS SO THERE IS NO MISUNDERSTANDING but this bible was written as a fable a story to be performed by thesbians of the KINGS PALACE THE HOLY ROOD >>KING JAMES REFUSED TO BE UNDER THE RULE OF THE PEDOPHILE PRIESTS <WHO ARRANGED MARRIAGES FROM ONE MONARCHY TO ANOTHER USUALLY THEY MARRIED THEIR COUSINS . SOMETIMES the POPE would have a king With his sister . PEYOTE or other medicines from your medicine people will give you guidance to the road of your own . YOU ARE born with this KNOWLEDGE .

  11. Anita Tso says

    I am Anita Tso. I am a Native American anthropologist. I have been so interested in the various migrations of humans from ancient Asia and Africa. So much to learn and know. My teaching and study shows Migrations of humans from Asia from 30,000 yrs ago possibly more. Some of the oldest early migrations are a people we now call Pimean, Pimas, which included groups of different names. They are a pastoral puebloan people, mostly farming and some hunting. They started migrating very early into North America. They spread out across the Americas from the North through out the Americas leaving their artifacts along the way. The more recent migrants into North America, the Athebascan Speakers.. They were not farmers, but hunters and gatherers. The types shelters they built looked almost exactly like the Athebascan Yurts of today but more portable and actually like to homes of the people from the Altai Mountains in Mongolia today. The language they share is very close as well, I would have liked to shared some photos. It is very exciting to be sure. They came to the West from Mongolia when they Giant mammals still lived on the earth!. These paleolithic hunters were fierce hunters to be sure, my ancestors.
    There is a Lake in Canada called Lake Athebaska, named after these strong people. These hunter-gatherers lived for a very long time In the far North until they began to migrate south into the Americas. Certain areas in what is now Washington state and Northern California, Haida people. Other groups settled in the Southwestern part of the United States and Mexico. The curent name Navajo/Apache was a name given to them by the pueblo people already in the southwest for thousands of years. The Pueblos were pastoral farmers, peace loving, and the newcomers were fearsome wariors. The Puebloan people called the new people Apachu de Navajo ( or raiders of the fields). Thus the name used today Apache and Navajo. These 2 tribes speak the same language with some differences but they can speak and be understood by each other. Be proud of our ancestors all of them for the strength and perseverence to survive and thrive despite all the obsticals throughout time. Humans have and still so move and go where they must go to survive!! I am so proud of our ancestors and all they endured and still endure today.

  12. The Navajo’s That Are Here Today, Thank You for Your Fine Research – Very Lovely, It’s just a shame we get treated like immigrants from foreign countries. I find it disturbing when other People, put our Native Culture Down – Navajo’s didn’t steal anything from any tribes – Haven’t You Heard of Gifts or Teachings, Etc. Other Native American Tribes, Sing and Dance the to the Same Tune…How can Anyone say it’s any different or any better – One Mother Earth and Father Sky. White People are Still Raiding and Stealing Today charley – Something that needs to be taught in all schools of how The United States Government took all This Land Away from Us. And I’m Happy To be White/Native American – More Native American – And I really don’t need some sorry ass dumb f to tell my about my Culture – If you White You Need To Go Back To Your Own Country and Stop Talking Shit about the True Locals…Peace

  13. OMG! Such fabulous minds! But, I am still confused as to where my linage comes from. I want to be firmly grounded and balanced, however, going between white foster parents and Dine heritage while growing up has left me in a limbo. I feel I am not accepted in either worlds.

  14. Braden Antoine says

    According to Dené oral tradition the Navajo were a tribe that was kicked out of the region that is now known as the Northwest Territories of Canada. My uncle, who is Dené, went on a trip down to the states a while ago and said that he could understand what the Navajo were saying.. it was pretty much the same language that is spoken up north just with a different accent.

  15. It’s very clear that their migration down from Alaska and Canada was very recent and facilitated by the acquisition of European horses after about 1,700.Same with much of what is now known as the stereotypical plains Indians that migrated out of the Great lakes area.Without horses the bison were of virtually no value to them.Much of their history is assumed from other tribes that they overtook.

  16. we are all natives just look at the surviving the t zunami to mississipi tunica they came from central America

  17. All non Native American believers are based on historians, genealogy, archaeologist, or anthropologist. It’s deceiving, taking upon themselves believing the origins belong to certain Indian tribe making their own history. Same defense used against Native Americans for hundreds of years being reminded that America is not their country and they belong in Asia. Non Native Americans can’t except America belongs to them such as the “Indian Killer” President Andrew Jackson. So we have believers today like Charley who is naive and ignorant who makes accusations towards Navajo’s.
    There are thousands of nations and religions around the world. Many religions have narrative symbols, sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life. Native Americans have lived where they are today and always will because of their courageous nations in achieving greater political success in fighting for their lands since the beginning.

  18. I took Moad from Amman, Jordan to Window Rock, Arizona, where a Navajo wedding was taking place outdoors. Moad said the Navajos were speaking a similar language he recognized that was spoken by modern day Israelis. So my belief is that the Navajos among other tribes have links to the Middle East not Asia. And the dress of the Zuni resembles some of the Arabic tribes of the Middle East. Go figure!

  19. Sonja Cribb says

    Navajo are Asian descent, distant relative, Genghis Kahn, they came down during ice age

  20. Let them be whatever they wanna be i guess… all these comments sound so subjective anyways

  21. Emery Yazzie says

    Ha’taah’lhee’s,say otherwise,, the ancient -Diné language is different from the one we speak now, elders say we did war with the anaa’sazi, and their fighting styles are well known, it is said that the anaa’sazi, exceeded there own sacred religiousTribal laws, practicing other forms of worship, in -Diné ‘ they were báá háá zhid, some what evil, a drought transpired, and brought strong winds, along with the winds they vanished from their dwellings, some adopted into the Pueblos, Contrary to the migration theory, some Diné split of from the southwestern tribes and went North, north being a taboo place, they told to never come back, and they were called , roughly in translation, ( never to be seen again) . On all accounts, the healing process of a patient on the chants speak of the process of the creation of the Diné people, consisting of all elements of nature, no foreigner will except us for who we say we are, they haven’t master the -Diné language yet. Nor will they master the chants to heal a person’s spirit,. They always want to think they are right about everthing, yet they are what’s wrong with everything that’s bad on this planet

  22. Cannot remember which nation/tribes, but read that DNA showed an association with the ancient people of Lake Baikal, Altai Mountains.

  23. Tim Lohrentz says

    The Navajo journey is complicated coming from east and west, south and north, but only in the last 1000 years from the Canadian coast to their present home. They came to help protect the other tribes from the Enemy People the Zuni spoke of – the Toltec. They surrounded the Toltec remnants who came to be called Hopi. The Athabasca people were part of the main original migration to the Americas about 14000 BCE in boats along the coast – not the land bridge – coming from Japan (Jomon). They stopped in Aleutian Islands for a time, maybe 1200 years, and then made it all the way to southern Chile. Then for several thousand years in northern Chile, then El Salvador, they were part of the Itza Maya formation. In 7500 BCE they moved to Lake Huron, the founding of the Algonquin. But in a deep philosophical disagreement, two youth killed members of a wedding party including young baby. They fled. They were pursued by boat. They could only find safety back in Asia, in kayaks, to the Yenisei River. They mixed with local people and a new people formed. The Athabaska renounced the actions and philosophy of their ancestors at Lake Huron and were allowed by the Algonquin to return to the Americas, maybe by 7300 BCE, where they settled in Alaska and later down the coast.

  24. Remember Eastern Siberia is on the North American continental plate. Eastern Siberia is part of North America, NOT a part of ASIA . Middle eastern origins ? No. Linguistic evidence or Athabaskan connections to Siberian languages have been documented. Navajos resemble Asians , not middle easterners

  25. I don’t think native Americans are Mongolians neither Chinese, Japanese, or korean , asiatic yes but their own race who have their own distinct features and language . I believe that they came from middle east a Canaanite people who mixed with the amorites (imliq) arabs move like the native indians not modern day Asians. The two Canaanites were dravidians and native indians both mixed with amorites and akkadians . You will see both features in jordan one fair and one brown or dark in color with lank to wavy hair .

    It is weird that vikings came to north America by ship how about native Americans ? The chinese came before Columbus as explorers , they were in north America building railway and Japanese also were here at early time any asian dna might be from when those people came to north America during that time

  26. DeLaine Goito says

    Wow, impressive information from both sides. However, people accept what they deem to be true to their culture and history and it’s their right. As an African-American may I suggest future in-house discussions for parties affected, ” United (we) stand but divided (we) fall”. There is validity on both sides, compromise, please.

  27. Haskeyaneya says

    The Real Athabascan, I was an archaeologist working on the Navajo Nation for the Navajo people for nearly 20 years. I saw substantial evidence over those years for the Navajo people arriving well before the Anasazi left, and much evidence of their interaction. What are you basing your opinion on that none of that happened?

  28. The ppl found on that land bridge could have been there at any point in time. How do you know the origin of ppl, humans, isn’t the other way around. Originating here and going out that way? Footprints have been found South of Navajo land that predates the land bridge. Is it really so hard to believe a People can be where they are really from. From this gorgeous land that everyone is laying claim to? Is that so hard to believe? See when you look at Diné history and culture, I mean real Diné history not like you read about in some magazine; I’m talking through ceremony, sweat lodge, etc. these monuments and symbols are here, right here outside your window. The Scared Mountains right here in the Four Corners region today, here and now, and you can visit them and see them and use them for strength. Please stop trying to take that away because all the theories don’t hold water. You can’t make a connection no matter what you do, it’s not for you to know that and we believe in ways what is good and pure. It’s right here intertwined with new technology. It didn’t get displaced; it became part of the new ways yet has the ability to stay traditional. Ever since that first light, Diné Bizaad has had the ability to adapt. It was our relatives that Came Home from a journey; this is where Hózhójí and many other ceremonies, songs first developed. You can’t make a connection, it won’t happen.

  29. I really don’t understand why this should be upsetting news to the Navajo nation. Considering it links them to a people that conquered and ruled over the white man for hundred of years. As well as the known world. How would that destroy or hurt your people in a 100 years?

  30. Brooks Garis says

    My new historical fascination is the Bering Strait land mass and the pilgrim people who crossed over. Only, the evidence is beginning to show that they didn’t just cross. They started marching from Asia 25,000 years ago, stopped marching and hung out on the Bering Strait for 10,000 years, and then when the ice age glaciers that had blocked their passage east for 10,000 years melted and opened up the route, they continued their migration east to the next land mass as the Native Americans.

    Here’s the thing: they may have entered as Asiatic but the exited as Native American. This team of researchers in Upward Sun River discovered a burial site 11,500 years old that held 2 kids with different moms, one was premature birth and the other was about 3 months old. Their DNA shows no Asian traits and diverse Native American traits. So the eastward moving population from Asia halted long enough in a habitable spot to separate itself from any trace of it’s Asian heritage and produce its own unique genetic diversity before proceeding to populate the Americas.

    The idea of social or societal similarities my simply be that similar circumstances shared by two genetically separate peoples who evolved thousands of years apart found intelligent solutions to suit those similar circumstances. That’s a lot more reasonable than assuming that human behavior unaccountably is so ritualized that thousands of miles and thousands of years distance between one people and another, people who don’t even share a common language yet would have unaltered wrestling styles and that would be sufficient evidence to prove a connection. As likely that cold weather wouldn’t cause people to put on a coat unless they had learned how from some historical connection to coat-wearing ancestors.

    The ‘10,000 year stall’, as the remarkable era of the Bering land mass people is being called, excites the imagination. What remarkable knowledge would have developed among the first Americans in a hospitable homeland where they lived and probably thrived over a period twice as long as our current recorded history?

  31. d'truthsicker says

    I see some comments saying that if Navajo accepts they are of Mongolian descent they will lose their rights to their land. How different is that from identifying themselves Indians or native Indians… I was told a story by my Navajo friend’s son that a Mexican kid at the school over an argument told the Navajo kid to go back to his country India because Navajo kid and many Native Americans identify themselves and American Indians or Native Indians… Vast majority of Native american tribe websites and facebook pages are called Native Indian and it naturally makes ppl who are not familiar with Native American tribes to think that it is about people of Indian origin.

  32. Thanks Charley for your western-colonial and blatant racist perspective of the Diné peoples. Why should the Navajo need to accept westernized archeological research as truth? Because its scholarly work generated by a white researcher so that must be true? And we are suppose to accept studies controlled by non-natives about Native America? Please don’t spread your colonizing thoughts, it’s perpetuates racism and bigotry. The Diné have their own epistemological ways that differ from standardized western thought, you don’t need to agree, but have some respect.

  33. The navajo will never accept what science has already proven. They will always be the lying thieving people they have always been. They came here with nothing so they raided and stole from other tribes. They still do this up to today so I’m surprised that they don’t want to accept what science has proven. Pow-Wow is not theirs but they claim it to be. Same with peyote and many other things, traditions and cultures stolen from other tribes but yet call it their own. They say they came from a glittering world. Doesn’t that sound like glittery sparkles from snow covered lands, the Bering Strait? I’m sure if research was done or stories told by other tribes, pueblos and plains, their stories would be very similar to each other but different from the navajos whom still believe they came from a special place.

  34. The Real Athabascan says

    Ice-age Navajo? I don’t think so. Your mapping is inaccurate. It’s clear that path was along the coast within the last 2,000 – 3,000 years ago. You just need to look and trace the linguistic peoples and where they settled.

    I had a chance to meet some tribes along the coast, intimately. I got along with them very well. Compared to some other tribes, not along the coast. I’ve met and went out with some and they seem to get along with us, very well.

    There isn’t one single bit of evidence that the Navajo had any contact with the Anasazi people. I feel sorry for the uneducated people whom believe that the Navajo had contact with the Anasazi (Ancient Pueblo Peoples). They were long gone before the Navajo arrived.

    Peyote eaters are just a waste of time. Peyote was not the way of our Dine People. Our people were too cautious as not to let down our guard.

  35. According to navajo oral history before the time of the last ice age sea levels were higher separating north and south America the climate was perfect in dinetah for peyote to grow, when the ice age happened diné went on a pilgrimage north then west in to Asia to find azhiee (father medicine of all life)-payote. Anasazi does not mean ancient ones as history books state a litteral translation of Anasazi is aná (enemy) sazí ( rooted in the word yazí for small child) they were our small enemys they grew to be 4 ft tall. If you would like to know more about the navajo come see us in monument valley,
    As for the diné who are upset with this information I understand the frustration as the diné believe if our language and history is written down it will be lost. That is why I have only given as little information as I have.

  36. *edited*

    Fact or Fiction, the importance of Diné unwillingness to accept these studies is for our cultural preservation. The day we allow scientists and politicians tell us where we come from, and what we are to do with our society is the day the Diné lose all rights to our Lands, Resources, Genealogy, Language and Cultural Practices. We would seize to exist as an Independent people. Let alone our society being appropriated from our Cultural Arts and Customs. Being made a mockery,and looked at as Backwards. Although all these problems exist today, these wounds can be mended and Navajos can be on their own path again.
    To sustain a staunch standing against other Tribes in our region State and Federal Governments. It’s necessary for us to be The Original peoples to these lands. It’s the only foot hold we have to preserve our Cultural Identity which is obviously at a tipping point. Sociologist say our stories and costumes will be lost with my generation. Our Language Diné Bizaad will disappear with my Son’s generation. By the time his Children have children my Great Grand Children, there will no longer be full-blooded Navajo people. In affect within the next 100 years the Diné peoples may very well be in its Death Throws.
    I know by doing these works you seek to help my people in some way or another. The sad truth is, these findings are very counter productive to our current situation. I appreciate your point of view and your article. Obviously it’s not what we believe, and this isn’t our history. Now you know why Navajo’s will be irate, rude, and generally condescending to this theory. Not because we don’t like the findings, but accepting them could very well be the beginning of the end.

    Something for you to look into, is that the Anasazi had disappeared and it’s generally accepted they somehow returned as the Pueblo peoples. Navajos, say the Puebloes are I fact the Descendants of the Aztecas. The Aztecs after eradicating a Large portion of Anasazi took the rest as slaves. Eventually some Aztecs didn’t return to Mexico, but remained to start a new society from the Anasazi ruin. This obviously is a rebuttal to Hopi’s ambitions to their modern day land grabs. Saying they were here first, when they weren’t.
    Professionals usually ask “there’s very little Archeological evidence that the Navajos were here as long as the Hopi.”
    “Why?” You might ask.
    It’s because our teachings and traditions tell us not leave a foot print behind after one leaves this Earth, in fact its customary burn everything we can’t take with us.
    Our strict Oral Tradition is Very Accurate, because of this we know we saw the emergence of the Pueblo people. We did have to contend with them and had subdued many attempts by them to take our lands for their agriculture. Being stubborn and sedentary people we didn’t accept this on our territory and actually seeking to remove them completely.
    When the Hopi’s in particular had almost been completely annihilated. We had listened to their women’s cries for mercy, and allowed the to live on the Mesas if they wanted to stay.
    They and many others were spared, but of course we had taken reparation for war in the way of their women. We, being a predominantly Matriarchal society saw the ruin in allowing the Hopi Women to retain there Cultural Identity so we made new clans with Navajo names obviously so our language will be primarily used by later generations.
    We’ve adopted many peoples through out history this is just one story from my region. I’m sure there’s plenty more. Both these Areas of Research, Recorded by an Archaeologist, Sociologist and/or Genealogist would greatly benefit my people. It would lead to a greater incite to how long both Navajo/Apachean tribes interacted with the Pueblos.

  37. i really enjoyed your article. I am currently researching Navajo’s and where they came from, for a term paper I am writing for archaeology. I for sure am going to cite you in my paper. I am also interested about the DNA linkage, how did that work, hmmm.

  38. Paul Swartzendruber says

    I gather from your comments that you are Navajo.
    During my 8 years in Mongolia, I was constantly amazed at the linkage between you and those fine people. In fact, on hearing of the DNA linkage, they were very excited AND PROUD to be your kin. Several weeks later, a Navajo dance team came over and really wowed the folks there.
    Some young Mongolians were our guests one evening and we put “The Wind Talkers” in the VCR (this was back in the mid 90’s). During the opening scenes when the young Navajos were boarding the bus to go off to World War II, one of the Mongolian ladies among our guests gasped and pointed to one of the women seeing the bus off. “She’s Mongolian!”

  39. Navajo did not migrate from the north, this is a white man assumption. I hate when white tells us this.
    we been here since beginning of time!

  40. The picture of the Navajo men wrestling is fantastic!

    We are an organization that is collecting information regarding the history and rules of traditional indigenous wrestling forms across the globe: Tigel in Ethiopia, Laamb in Senegal, Glima in Iceland, Bokh in Mongolia, Kushti in India, etc…

    We have been seeking information regarding traditional wrestling within the Native American communities.

    Do you know of the rules and history of traditional Navajo wrestling?

    Wrestling Roots

  41. Gary Levin MD says

    Very nice, Harold…cannot wait to see the rest of it . When?