Della Toadlena

Della Toadlena


  1. Hello ,

    I’m a 34 french woman , I came for the fisrt time in the Navajoland in october 2013. It was a deep wonderfull experience to discover this land because I’m really attracted by it since a long time.

    I ‘m writing to you because I found your website about Navajo people and I thought that you could maybe help me for a project that I imagined a long time ago.

    It’s a personnal and professional project, that I call : «Circle of women ».

    I’m looking for women, grandmothers or artists to meet them in Arizona and share tales or stories. I would like to contact Della Toadlena, but I can not fond her email.

    My job here in France is storyteller. Performing art and social work are going together : I work with nurseries, schools, local people , prisonners, for festivals or any events around world’s traditions. I like to share with people about their own culture, to learn world songs , discover new horizons, for that I listen and tell stories, I read a looot of books and sometimes I interview people who would like to.

    My desire is to give prominence to the strength and the sweetness of the womanhood, through their local crafts, through their oral transmission by nursery rhymes, by tales, through their knowledge about healings plants, through their rites of passage.
    I’d like to collect some elements as well as here in my own city, my own street, that travelling around countries.

    Thus, my goal is professionnal in this way that I would make a recording book and maybe to create a storytelling spectacle about the womanhood..
    But my goal is although personnal : to find a wisdom among these women, the oral tradition.

    So, I was asking myself if you could guide me little bit, because my first choice of destination is Navajoland. The evidence is that I know just few tales and cultural’s scraps of dineh and nothing more . Do you know some women (or nurseries or women communities) who would like to share tales or their knowledge with me ? Do you have for exemple the Della Toadlena’s email to have a first contact with her, if she want to, please ?

    In exchange I ‘ll offer stories, songs of my culture, recipes of my family and seeds of my own garden.

    I hope my request is not troublesome.
    My English is not perfect at all, excuse me.

    But if you have any idea to help me on my quest, I will be very grateful to you.
    I could give you more precisons about me and this project, if you are interested. I will be very happy to learn more about you.

    Thank you very much for having red my letter and have a nice day!

    Claire Drach

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