Dinè Bingo History and Tradition

Dinè Bingo is an excellent way to have fun while building Navajo Language vocabulary and expanding cultural knowledge.

Dine Bingo History Card

Dine Bingo History Card

Each game set includes 15, 8.5″ x 11″ playing cards, enough for 15 students to play at one time. Printed on heavy cardstock and laminated.

Each game introduces 50 vocabulary words. Also included are sturdy hardboard tokens, master word chart, tray, and instructions, all stored in a durable box.

Dine Bingo History Vocabulary list

Dine Bingo History Vocabulary list

Dinè Bingo History and Tradition includes the following Navajo vocabulary words: abalone, bear, “Bitter Water” Clan, black, black ant, blue, Changing Woman, cornpollen, coyote, eagle feather, east, First Man, First Woman, First World, First World insects, Fourth World, “He Walks Around You” Clan, hogan, jet, lizard, locust, medicine bundle, mountain lion, “Mud People” Clan, Navajo Twins (names), north, porcupine, puberty ceremony, rabbit, red ant, rug, sand painting, sash belt, Second World, Second World birds, shoe game, skunk, south, stars, sweathouse, Third World, “Towering House” Clan, turkey, turquoise, wedding basket, west, white, white shell, yellow, yellow ant.

Bingo Place Card

Bingo Place Card

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  1. hey brilliant blog I’m a big bingo fan from germany

  2. Mallory Luna says

    Hi, I’m very interested im purchasing a Dine Bingo game. I have tried visiting website shown above, but website is down. I live Flagstaff AZ, do you know of any place in my area that may sell this?

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