First Navajo Clans Lesson

Navajo Language Lesson and  Video

Video for Language Lesson 10 Clans
Presenter Clayton Long

Navajo Language Lesson links

Clayton Long – Instructor
Clayton Long YouTube Channel
Navajo Language Lessons Page
Navajo Language Lessons YouTube Channel
Navajo People Language Page
Heritage Language Resource Center
Harold Carey Jr – Computer Teacher

The Navajo Clan Wheel can be used with the Navajo Clan Legends Poster and the Clan Legends book.

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Navajo Clan Legends Poster

Display the traditional Narrative depicting the way in which Changing Woman created the Four Original Clans. Mountains, plants, Clan Journey Stories, and Protection Animals associated with the Clans.

This beautiful poster was created from illustrations by Theresa Breznau. Changing Woman is at the center, encircled by a rainbow yei and framed by the four sacred mountains. The four original clans, Bitterwater, Mud people, Towering House, and One Walks Around You, their associations and descriptions, surround the rainbow. The posters are in full-color and laminated.

This poster can be used with the Navajo Clan Wheel and the Clan Legends book.

Laminated on heavy cardstock.

This poster can be purchased in two sizes:

11? x 17? – $2.00
18? x 22? – $6.00

Ordering Information

San Juan School District
Heritage Language Resource Center
28 West 200 North
Phone: 435-678-1230
FAX: 435-678-1283
Store Hours: 9:00 – 4:30
Monday through Thursday


  1. Olivier Meert says

    As a Belgian, even I am interested in Learning a language more …Even Navajo is interesting …

  2. jess martin says

    I have always disagreed with the concept that their are ‘four main clans’, NOT so, as I was old by my elder. The only main clan exsist in our language, not in people. Athabaskin, is the original clan. upon arrival into the White World, people expanded and intergrated with local tribes that were here before us, some migrated south, forming what is now The Apaches. After some of the clans were created thru inter marriages, the four clans that say are the four main clans, came back from the southwest, searching for relatives as they were instructed.

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