Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial

The Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial is the longest-running, continuous event In the State of New Mexico. Home to the oldest Native American Art Show in the country. Parades, Dances, Art Demonstrations, Native Foods, Rodeos, Pow-Wow, Song & Dance, Night Dance Performances, Pageants, Vendors. Founded on April 15, 1921.


Mission Statement:

To serve and promote Native Americans. The Ceremonial dances personify the proud history of the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. It is truly a special time for participants and spectators alike and opportunity for cultures to come together in the universe of rhythm, motion and artistic expression.

Ryedale Largo 13 year old Navajo Youth Soloist

Aztec Danza Mexicayotl

Shelly Morningsong – and Fabian Fontenelle (duet)


Gallup Ceremonial Performances

Fernando Cellicion – Zuni Flutist
Ryedale Largo Navajo Youth Soloist
Shelly Morningsong – and Fabian Fontenelle (duet)
White Mtn. Apache – Rudy Padilla
Tree Cody- Flute Soloist
Comanche Pewewardy Dancers
Ryedale Largo Navajo Youth Soloist
Jay Begay and Sons Navajo Dancers
Carnes Burson Soloist
Pollen Trail Navajo Dancers
Zach George Navajo Soloist
Pima Basket Dancers Glenda Lopez
Aztec Danza Mexicayotl
Totonac Voladores Fly

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