Miss Navajo Nation Frybread Contest

Photos from  Frybread Contest

Frybread Contest 1

Navajo Frybread Contest 2

Navajo Frybread Contest 3

Navajo Frybread Contest 4

Navajo Frybread Contest 5

Navajo Frybread Contest 6

Hazel Yazza Frybread Pavilion

Navajo Nation Fairgrounds

Contestant #1
Charlene Goodluck
Shiprock Chapter

Contestant #2
Seri Maryboy
Red Mesa Chapter

Contestant #3
Krystal Parkhurst
St. Michaels Chapter

Contestant #4
Leandra Thomas
Steamboat Chapter

Contestant #5
Verrica Livingston
Twin Lakes Chapter

Contestant #6
Brittany Hunt
Shonto Chapter

Contestant #7
Wallitta Begay
Oljato Chapter


  1. You do good photographic work and recording part of the Navajo culture and traditions.

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