Navajo Nation Fair 2014 Info

The 68th Navajo Nation Fair

Date : September 1-7, 2014

Theme: “Promoting Family Values through Culture and Tradition”

000-fair flyer1

Graphic courtesy of Navajo Nation Fair


Photos from the 2013 Fair:

1-children song and dance

Pow Wow Results and Photos

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 Photos

Navajo Nation Fair 2013 Baby Contest Winners List and photos:

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 full contestant bios, photos and schedule.

Miss Navajo Nation Pendleton Shawl Presentation

Navajo Nation Fair Events 2014

Indian Rodeo

Open Junior Rodeo

Miss Navajo Pageant

Pow Wow

Gourd Dance

Baby Contest

Nizhoni Arts Market

4H  Horse Show




Elder Fest

Youth Dummy Roping

Free BBQ

Wild Horse Race

Navajo Song & Dance

4H Wooly Ride Competition

More information and forms can be obtained at or you can call the Navajo Nation Special Events Office at (928) 871-6478.



  1. I missed the whole thing.

  2. I missed the whole thing. our office hosted the luncheon in St. michaels and all of friday was spent preparing for it. Saturday morning i was absorbed in preps again… and because of the fair with the main roads being closed, having to take the back roads from Window Rock to St. michaels… it was one wild and wooly ride … most of it one lane dirt road.zigzagging through ditches, soft dunes, and even an illegal dumping ground (as it were) … And as it got closer to 1pm (after the fair) got angsty because our caterer was running late and eventually made it right in the nick of time (at serving time) … the after-parade traffic didn’t help i suppose…. but all in all it was a gorgeous day and we made it through … 🙂 i went right to bed after the whole thing … at 6pm and awoke around midnight with a headache as i suspected i would lol …. drama drama … i even missed the big ticket concerts … oh well, perhaps next year hahahahha …

  3. Lucy Leuppe McKelvey says

    Are the result of the art competion posted yet? If so how can I find out?

  4. Murphy Nelson says

    Would be good to enhance the fair grounds. Its been 68 years of Nations Fair. Any body agree!!!

  5. Why make the fair start on the 1st? There goes a three day weekend….

  6. Rosa Mora says

    I would really love to go n see, the last time I was there it was about 15 yrs ago. I don’t live in California right now I live in Kentucky so is pretty far. I would really love to go 🙁 I know it so beautiful.

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