Navajo Nation Fair Frybread Contest Results

66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Frybread Contest Results

Event Presented by Navajo Agricultural Products Industry.

Navajo Nation Fair Frybread Contest

Contestants: Winners/Cash Prize:

1. Gladys Jones 1st Place – $500.00

2. Eric Manuelito 2nd Place – $300.00
Tohatchi, N.M.

3. Lucy Mannie 3rd Place – $200.00
Window Rock

4. Michael Eriacho 4th Place – $100.00
Ramah, N.M.


  1. Hi my name is zetta walker I am 14 years old and I have lived in tuba city Arizona and Phoenix and Gilbert my whole life and we all ways go to pow wows and we always eat frybread and mutton stew…..

  2. Well let me just say that people think that it is alot of work but it is not. We just make it all the time that it is something that we do.And remember that a girl that doesnt know how to make frybread is not a keeper…

  3. Dennis Braun says

    my name is Dennis, from Northern Territory, Australia and I am from the Arrentre Tribe in Alice Springs. I will be coming to Arizona, 20th Aug.-3rd Sept. I want to try all the type of food that is cooked, baked or just made and I want to meet the elders and just talk till the cows come home.

  4. I just wanted to say that Indian Frybread is the best!! I lived in Yuma, AZ for over 25 years and every year at the fair, that was what we always had to have on the first day and the last day of the fair. My grandmother has a recipe and I tried to make them. It is a lot of work and I respect these women who make such wonderful Frybread.

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