Navajo Nation Fair 2014 Information

The 68th Navajo Nation Fair for 2014

Theme: “Promoting Family Values through Culture and Tradition”

Date : September 1-7, 2014

000-fair flyer1

Graphic courtesy of Navajo Nation Fair

Navajo Nation Fair Events 2014

Indian Rodeo
Open Junior Rodeo
Miss Navajo Pageant
Pow Wow
Gourd Dance
Baby Contest
Nizhoni Arts Market
4H Horse Show
Elder Fest
Youth Dummy Roping
Free BBQ
Wild Horse Race
Navajo Song & Dance
4H Wooly Ride Competition

Photos from the 2013 Fair:

1-children song and dance


Pow Wow Results and Photos

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 Photos

Navajo Nation Fair 2013 Baby Contest Winners List and photos:

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 full contestant bios, photos and schedule.

Miss Navajo Nation Pendleton Shawl Presentation

More information and forms can be obtained at or you can call the Navajo Nation Special Events Office at (928) 871-6478.


  1. Kimberly John says:

    Hello my name is Kimberly John, am looking for information on how I can be a part of the Navajo Nation Parade 2013. I would like to join the parade to Raise Awarness for Breast Cancer and to reach my goal of 2,300.00 for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk. If you could e-mail me the proper documents or number where I can get in touch with someone, I would appricate it. Thank you for time.


    Kimberly John

  2. Theresa Clark says:

    Just wanted to find out when the Northern Navajo Nation Fair in Shiprock, NM is this year 2013..

  3. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Shiprock Northern Navajo Nation Fair for 2013 will be from October 3-7.

  4. Diane Lenz says:

    Does anyone have the dates for the 2013 Western Navajo Nation Fair in Tuba City? Thanks!

  5. Vanessia says:

    Just wanted to know when the Western Navajo Nation Fair in Tuba City is for this year.

  6. Betty Rickenbach says:

    Is there any way I can get a program for this years fair as we will be traveling across country to go to the fair? My address is 5133 Krystal Lane Conway, SC 29527 Thank You!!

  7. Harold Carey Jr says:

    We do not have on yet. Check back to this web page for the latest information.

  8. Maureen Yuzicappi says:

    just wondering where one would make reservations for accomodations ?? thank you.

  9. rochelle perry says:

    i wanted to know who i would have to get in cocntact with for the navajo natin fair for the DPA Security? what qualifications are needed i am a 2007 high school grad. i can be reached at the email provided.

  10. I am wanting to know who well be coming for the concert?

  11. Redeagle says:

    Why call it the “Navajo Nation Fair” when in reality there’s no Navajo Nation or Statehood? Wouldn’t it be better calling it “The Navajo Reservation Fair”

  12. Cedric Colorado says:

    45th Annual Western Navajo Fair October 17-20, 2013

  13. Hello shi’ dine i am part of the northern navajo nation fair committee and we have a new website and the old website is no longer in use but is still up, just to let everyone know. So follow us on the new website, also on Facebook: and Twitter:

    Thank You,


  14. Just a suggestion from experience while attending previous NNF parades. Each year I see people trying to find parking including myself. I rarely see anyone controling how we all should park. It would only make sense to have viewers park their vehicles, not side ways along the street but either back up their vehicles or face the street. If everyone parked sideways, it only extends the lengh of the parade and I truely feel bad for those who have to walk miles and miles. I enjoy the parade each year but it gets frustrated at times.
    Thank you and see you in 3 weeks.

  15. Michael Hardy says:

    who is hosting for song and dance for the 67th annual Navajo nation fair for window rock?

  16. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Navajoland Inn & Suites / Saint Michaels Arizona
    Phone No. 928-871-5690

  17. Lori Chee says:

    Are you including “Kids Day” into your fair schedule this year? If so, what day would that be?

  18. Larson Be says:

    Wanted to know when is Zane D roping. Thursday, During the day or in the evening

  19. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Navajo Nation Fair Schedule of Events
    New! Complete list of all events and Flyer:

  20. joseph GERONIMO says:

    “Navajo Nation Fair name is KOOL! We America Indians are the ONLY RACE of PEOPLE mentioned in the Constitution of the United States! Our relations with other governments is a political one. Some people prefer “Native” thats ok! We were here FIRST !!

  21. just got done looking at the schedule for this years Fair, was wondering who was in concert Friday night, I have a question, Ace in the Hole, is it just the band of George Strait, or will he be there. Just wondering. I go every year to the concert and I wanted to know if this concert is worth going. Enlighten me please, more detail.

  22. Why everyone so for this fair. Too ghetto in sanitized place to be.

  23. Lilyrose Starr says:

    NOTHING wrong with the name, why change it.

  24. I wanted to know if I could get some helpon behalf of my daughter..she is the Rock Springs VeteransPrincess n was crowned the end of July n I wanted to ask if I could be able to get some help in gettng three passes so we can take her to attend all these events throughout the week….

  25. Teller Rolinda says:

    I would like to take photographs of the pow wow dancers, is that allowed?

  26. It’s about time some kind of planning was done for through traffic going towards gallup. makes you feel as if though one can still go through with out parking in one place for a couple hours. now that’s thinking about others besides your self. thank you. Lets enjoy the fair.

  27. Using another route going to gallup on Navaho nation parade day gives one the freedom to travel. I mean family times are important if you have to work during week days. So thank you for announcing it on KTNN. Now let’s enjoy the fair you all.

  28. navajo nation says:

    In response to red eagle….their is a NAVAJO NATION. Seems as if someone is alittle hurt that they feel they have to down size another tribe. Just let it be known that Navajos are the largest tribe nationally recorded. And recognized. We do celebrate our Nation…the Navajo Nation. On our huge Navajo Nation Reservation. So don’t be a hater…

  29. bill smith says:

    Can your website post any results from the fair….rodeo, pow wow, etc. Are did everyone just did the Navajo thing and forgot about it. It would have been nice if you posted daily results of all the activities but I know that is to much for you guys.

  30. Michael Hardy says:

    just wanted to know the group singers that took place at the song and dance sunday.

  31. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Yes you can use my Photos for free. Just say “Photo By Harold Carey”

  32. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Pow Wow Results and Photos
    Navajo Nation Fair 2013
    Results and more Photos here:

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