Navajo Nation Fair 2013

Navajo Nation Fair 2013

Navajo Nation Fair 2013


  1. Josephine says:

    It is late to get into the night performance on Saturday. I would like to get my group in.
    Thanks Josephine
    email me to call me @505-258-6827

  2. Harold Carey Jr says:

    New! Complete list of all events and Flyer:

  3. Please have a young successful runner Alvina Begay be the Navajo Nation Fair Parade marshell. She ran in the USA Olympic trials – marathon and 10,000 meters. She placed in many national foot races, she is a Nike N7 representative, she is our role model for th youth Dine and native people around the world. Running is our way of life through history and ceremonial practices – Kinalda. Miss Begay has influence many people to change their eating habits as a registered Dietitician and running to combat diabetes and other chonic diseases. We need young people like her to influence our people. She has mentored many runners at the middle school and high school level to be successful.lvina Begay is Dine woman from Ganado, Arizona.

  4. Is the NNFair 2013 poster/flyer out yet? Wondering Minds need to make reservation to attend this year………..more info on the powwow also………..

  5. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Navajo Nation Fair
    (928) 871-6647

  6. Is there a phone number for information?

  7. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Yes there is a 5K race.

  8. Do you have a foot race associated with the fair? If so could if so could you send me the details? Thanks

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