Navajo String Games

Navajo String Games book and DVD

Navajo String Games book and DVD


String Games are a winter storytelling activity that kids of all ages enjoy. The string games are stories that you act out in patterns by intertwining hand movements with a string. Some of the hand movements are easily mastered, while others require skill and patience to learn. This book will provide you with the directions and illustrations you need to start having winter fun.

Navajo string game butterfly

Navajo string game butterfly

Navajo String Games book and DVD

Author: Don Mose, Jr.
Illustrations: Theresa Breznau
Edited by: Kathryn Hurst
DVD formatting: Benjamin Long
Text: English (string game identified with Navajo reference)
DVD provides hand directions for 40 string games and stories
Paper-cover, perfect bound, 8.5 x 11″
40 pages
c 2005

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