Northern Navajo Nation Fair 2013 – Events

The fair will be held from October 3-6, 2013.

The 102 Annual Northern Navajo Nation Fair

In  Shiprock, NM


“T’áá nihí aniit’éego bee hózhó náhoodlee?

“Individually, we restore balance and harmony”


shiprock fair

Northern Navajo Nation Fair 2013 – Events

September 27 – October 6
Yei’ Bi’ Chei (Yei’ Bi’ Chei goounds)

October 3, Thursday
Traditional Trail Ride (Commences)
8 AM – Fairgrounds Open
8 AM – lndoor Exhibit Judging (4-H Exhibit)
8 AM – 5 PM – Miss Northern Navajo & Teen
Pageant (Traditional/Talent Competition)
Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center
9 AM – 3 PM – Youth Day Activities (Song & Dance Arena)
9 AM – 3 PM – Elder Fest (Pow Wow Arena)
10 AM – 10 PM lndian Market
10 AM – Open Junior Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)
11 AM – 11 PM City of Fun Carnival
Kids Day (AIl rides 1 ticket)
1 PM – 5 PM – Small Animal Judging (4-H Exhibit)
1 PM Exceptional Rodeo {Rodeo Arena)
4 PM – 6 PM – Free BBQ (City Market Parking Lot)
(Sponsorcd by APt BHP, PNM)
4 PM – 6 PM – Youth Karaoke Contest
(Entertainment Tent – lndian Market)
5 PM – 49/Round Dance Registration Open
7 PM – 49/ Round Dance Contest Begins
7 PM – Open Women’s Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)

October 3, Friday
Traditional Trail Ride (On-going)
8 AM – Fairgrounds Open
830 AM – Livestock Show (4-H Exhibit)
10 AM – 10PM – lndian Market
1 PM – Traditional Trail Ride Arrival
(Yei’ Bi’ Chei Grounds)
1 PM – Song and Dance (Open Registration)
1 PM – Open Masters Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)
1 PM – 6 PM – Native Music Fest
(Entertainment Tent – lndian Market)
1PM- 830 PM – Miss Northern Navajo & Teen Pageant
(Traditional Skill/Talent Competition/Coronation
Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center
3 PM – 4-H / FFA Jr. Livestock Sale (4-H Exhibit)
3 PM – Pow Wow (Open Registration)
4 PM – 12 PM City of Fun Carnival
5 PM – Gourd Dance Session (Pow Wow Arena)
5 PM – Song & Dance (Warm-up Dancing)
5 PM – Archery Contest (4-H Exhibit)
5 PM – Fashion Review & Public Speaking
Presentations (4-H Exhibit)
7 PM – Pow Wow (Grand Entry)
7 PM – Northern Gateway Open Bull-Riding
(Rodeo Arena)
8 PM – 1 AM – Metal Fest
(Entertainment Tent- lndian Market)

October 5, Saturday
5 AM Parade Line-up {Fleet Mgmt.)
8 AM Parade (East Hwy 64 – West 491)
8 AM Fairgrounds Open
8 AM Song and Dance (Open Registration)
9 AM Pow Wow (Open Registration)
10AM-10PM lndian Market Open
10 AM Kids Corral (Roping) Rodeo Grounds
11AM Gourd Dancing (Pow Wow Arena)
11AM – 12 PM City of Fun Carnival
1230 PM Mutton Bustin (Rodeo Grounds)
1 PM – 630 PM – Guest Performances
(lndian Market- Entertainment Tent)
1 PM Pow Wow (Grand Entry)
1 PM Song & Dance (Grand Entry)
1 PM Open Show Rodeo/Wild Horse Race
(Rodeo Arena)
2 PM Demonstrations and Talent Show
Presentations (4-H Exhibit)
3 PM Kids Corral (Roping) Rodeo Grounds
4 PM Parade Winners Award Presentation
(lndian Market- Entertainment Tent)
5 PM Gourd Dance Session {Pow Wow Arena)
7 PM Pow Wow (Grand Entry)
7 PM Open Show Rodeo/ Wild Horse Race
(Rodeo Arena)
7 PM – 1 AM Country Western Dance
(Entertainment Tent- lndian Market)

October 6, Sunday
8 AM – Fairgrounds Open
845 AM – Awards Presentation (4-H Exhibit)
9 AM Song & Dance (Roll Call/ Grand Entry)
10 AM – 6 PM lndian Market Open
11 AM Gourd Dance Session (Pow Wow Arena)
12 PM-12 AM City of Fun Carnival
12 PM Performances
(Entertainment Tent – lndian Market)
1230 PM NNRA- Region 6/Wild Horse Race
(Rodeo Arena)

See Past Fair Photos Here


The Shiprock Northern Navajo Nation Fair is the the Oldest and Most Traditional of the Navajo Fairs is held each fall in the Navajo Land where the Navajo people of the Four Corners come to celebrate the year’s harvest with a community celebration.

Northern Navajo Nation Fair Office
Robert Felson Jr., Fair Director
P.O. Box 2120
Shiprock, NM 87499
Cell: (505)918-7624
Email: Office


  1. Delores Lopez says:

    Would like to know when the fair is

  2. Delores Lopez says:

    When’s the Shiprock fair for 2015

  3. The 2013 Fair, (if you wanna call it that), it’s history, gone forever. 10.oo dollars.. was it worth it?, People, actually paid 10.oo dollars to be apart of this years fair, which was pretty much less than what we’d seen last year, and the year before. It was not worth it to most of us, this fair in our opinion crumbled on it’s last leg. I don’t even think the board or the committee, or even the cooridinators read these blogs. But, I’m hopeful, if they do heres and advice..


    otherwise, PEOPLE, don't expect anything new for 2014, expect the same, the only thing you're gonna see different is probably a higher gate fee.

  4. Marcus Yazzie says:

    I was just wondering if you have any job opening for crew member if still looking.

  5. Donna Johnson says:

    Please sent me a poster of 2012 P.O. Box 76 Lukachukai, Arizona 86507

  6. i’m wantin to know if the fair this year is having an art show competition this year. i need more information. thanks.

  7. i’m tryin to find the Wild Horse Race application i can print. For Norther Navajo Fair.

  8. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Shiprock Northern Navajo Nation Fair for 2013 will be from October 3-7.

  9. Theresa Clark says:

    Want to know when the Fair is in Oct-2013 in Shiprock NM

  10. berg,emily says:

    what is the schedule concerning the tent for indain dances and gospel services?

  11. What does the poster look like?

  12. Please sent me a poster of 2012 P.O. Box 307 Houck, Arizona 86506

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