Open Indian Rodeo Navajo Nation Fair

Open Indian Rodeo

Open Indian Rodeo  September 6-11 2016

Dean C. Jackson Memorial Rodeo Arena – Window Rock, AZ

Entries to be received by August 26th, 2016
We will not use postmark date period entries must be in the Fair office by or before August 26th, 2016.

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Mail Entries  to:
Special events section Indian Rodeo
P.O. Box to 370
Window Rock. AZ 86515

Every contestant must fill out an entry form

Event  Schedule

Thursday September 8, 1st Performance 7 pm

Friday September 9, 2nd Performance 7 pm

Saturday September 10,  3rd Performance 1 pm

Sunday September 11 Final Performance / Final Four 12 pm

For more information – 928.871.6478

open indian rodeo

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