Song & Dance Navajo Nation Fair

70th Annual Navajo Nation Fair – Contest Song and Dance

September 9 – 11, 2016

Navajo Song & Dance 1

Annie Wauneka Song & Dance Arena

Navajo Nation Fair - Contest Song and Dance

General Admission Only.
No Arena Admission.

More information and forms can be obtained at Fair Office in Gorman Hall at the Fairgrounds


Navajo Song & Dance 2


Youth Division|0-17 Year Olds


Adult Division|18?55 Year Olds

Senior Division|56 & Up

Navajo Song & Dance 3


Navajo Song & Dance 4

Navajo Nation Fair Events 2016 (Full List)

70th Annual Navajo Nation Fair




  1. Phillip Orlando Medina says

    Have been looking for sites like yours. I have some Apache blood looking for roots. Navajo people related to Apache? I would like to learn language of both Nations. Nde language is an beautiful language. Thank you

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