Navajo Winter Storytelling Poster

Recounting the Journeys of the Navajo Hero Twins


Navajo Winter Storytelling Poster

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The story of the Hero Twins, from birth through manhood, provides a lifelong pattern for the Diné to follow.

Everyone was involved in their raising, their training, and eventually struggles and victories: Sun bear her and other deities, changing woman in the Diné, the animals and the birds, even the earth itself.

The Giants and their followers had made it impossible for the Diné to establish a homeland, but changing woman gave birth to the twins and raise them for their special purpose.

They conquer the giants and provided a safe place for the Diné to call home. Within the protecting boundaries of the four sacred mountains, the Diné established their homeland.

There they can live and follow the teachings of their forefathers. Many of their ceremonies, chants, prayers, songs, and celebrations of the Diné are reenactments of the events of the story of the he will twins.-year-old twins.

When respected and followed, they will keep the Diné in harmony and balance in their own homeland.

Charles Yanito artist and illustrator

 Illustrated  artwork by Charles Yanito.

Charles Yanito was born in Bluff, Utah to the Ti’ash chii and the Toh dich’iinih clans. He attended the Institute of American Indian Arts and holds a degree from the College of Eastern Utah and Utah State University. He has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and regional art festivals. His illustrations can be seen in many San Juan School Heritage Language Resource Center publications. Currently, Charles resides in Bear, Delaware with his family.

From the book:  The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins

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