Navajo Family by Wood Stick Hogan

Navajo Family by Wood Stick Hogan Description – Navajo family with wikiup hogan in the background
Publisher – Center for Southwest Research, University Libraries, University of New Mexico
Date Original – ca. 1920-1940

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The evolution of the Navajo Hogan (Photo)

The evolution of the Navajo Hogan

The evolution of the Navajo The evolution of the Hogan Hogan, Left to right. The very old hogan. A later style, a few of which are still in use. The hogan of today, with log walls and dirt roof. Many Navajos live in modern log and stone houses, similar to the one pictured above. Southern Navajo Agency, 1933

Author Unknown or not provided
Record creator Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Portland Area Office. Salt Lake City Extension and Credit Office. (ca. 1931 – ca. 1946)
Date ca. 1930 – ca. 1938

The hogan is a sacred home for the Diné (Navajo) people who practice traditional religion. Every family even if they live most of the time in a newer home — must have the traditional hogan for ceremonies, and to keep themselves in balance.

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