Navajo Nation Outdoor Recreation

Navajo Nation Offers New Off-Season Outdoor Recreation

monument valley marathon

WINDOW ROCK, AZ. – Towering chestnut rock formations…crisp cool skies and soothing temperatures.
It’s a calming ambiance of Navajo that gives most visitors a sense of peace and a haven of solace. And there is certainly no shortage of stunning attractions and unparalleled scenery here in the heart of the great Southwest.
This is where traditional Navajo culture and echoes of history come to life. In fact, Navajo cultural treasures abound, which mystifies many a traveler.
Navajo tourism studies have revealed that a majority of Navajoland visitors come to the Navajo Nation to see its scenery and often return for a second visit. Visitors can enjoy an array of Navajo tribal parks, national parks, museums, tribal fairs, year-round Navajo cultural events, rodeos, hunting and fishing.
To add to the showcase of Navajo adventures, visitors can now add walking, hiking and running to their list. Within the past several months, the Navajo Nation has been working diligently with various partners to develop new venues and activities for outdoor recreation enthusiasts who specifically enjoy hiking and running.
The Navajo Nation has some of the finest and stellar outdoor hiking and running trails in the world for people who have a love for the outdoors.
Feel the warmth and feel the welcome. Marvel and embrace the timeless beauty of the Navajo people and relaxing atmosphere of Mother Nature.
So take serenity to a whole new level and mark your calendar to participate in two new outdoor events on the northern outskirts of the Navajo Nation. On Saturday, October 29th there will be an event called the Natisaan Trail Ultra, which is a 50-mile marathon that will begin from Navajo Mountain Chapter House to Rainbow Bridge and back.
On Saturday, November 19th, there will be a Monument Valley Marathon at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The half marathon and full marathon begins at 10 a.m.
On December 8-11th, also a first-time event, there will be a four-state marathon called the Four Corners Quad Keyah Marathon Challenge. On four separate days, runners will run in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado and end at Four Corners Monument. Thursday, December 8th will be Arizona, Friday is Utah, Saturday is Colorado and Sunday is New Mexico. For information about these hiking and running events, contact
The Navajo Nation is also home to a new hiking and running trail called the Navajo Nation Museum Trail in Window Rock, Arizona. The trail begins from the Navajo Nation Museum and heads north and ends at the Window Rock Navajo Tribal Veterans Memorial Park.

The View Campground & Cabins

An Outdoor and Indoor Oasis

The View Campground


By Roberta John

MONUMENT VALLEY – It’s all about the mystical view.
That is the view of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park here on the northern outskirts of the Navajo Nation.
For the past several years, visitors have had an opportunity to wake up to the soothing rays of the sun overlooking towering chestnut-colored rock formations at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park from their room at The View Hotel – the only hotel in the world that is located in Monument Valley.
However, owners of The View Hotel Armanda and Art Ortega, soon learned there are also visitors who want to connect with Mother Earth yet still be able to embrace the warm welcome of early morning dawn from a whole new level. Visitors who revel in outdoor adventure yet want a haven where mother nature abounds and wake up to a feeling of openness.
With that concept in mind, the Ortegas planned and designed a multi-dimensional campground, which is called The View Campground while the cabins at the campground are called “The Cabins at The View.” Located just north of The View Hotel, The View Campground has 29 separate cabins that authenticate a cultural retreat and vintage peaceful pleasure.
And whether you’re talking about scenery or The View Campground, it echoes the spiritual solitude and calmness of the valley.
“The view captivates what we want visitors to see and experience,” said Armanda Ortega. “It just seemed appropriate to name our hotel and now our new RV campground using the word view.”
The word view has proven to be an effective marketing tool for Armanda who is the president of her company called Shadi’i’ Co. Shadii means older sister in Navajo.
Most visitors who visit Monument Valley are so amazed that they often come back for a second visit.
The View Campground also includes 30 RV spots and 30 wilderness campsites, which attracts outdoor enthusiasts who want to capture the essence of rustic living and a dust of authentic Navajo history.
Thanks in large part to Armanda and her father Art’s creative ingenuity, there is an abundant amount of options for lodging at Monument Valley from their perfectly located accommodation called The View Hotel and now The View Campground & Cabins at The View.

The View Cabins

Photos courtesy of The View Campground & Cabins

The cabins have a rustic look on the outside to imitate a natural age pantina, but have a warm and timeless realm of western nostalgia on the inside.
No expenses were spared….giving this ranch-like campground a sense of legacy and retreat.
Armanda explained that the RV spots are dry and the cabins are fully furnished and equipped just like a private hotel room.
In traditional Navajo culture, touching Mother Earth is a form of healing and medicine so it was important to design the rooms with a ground level ambiance and give visitors a down-to-earth experience.
The RV campground has full shower facilities with restrooms, WIFI and access to all of The View Hotel amenities including discount breakfast at The View Restaurant.
Armanda explained that since they are still in their first year of operation, many visitors did not know there was a RV campground or cabins at Monument Valley until they arrived.
“We are working to change that very quickly,” she commented.

The View Cabins
The Navajo-owned company hired up to 20 people during the peak of the tourism season in the summer. The View Campground was completed in June 2014; however, there are additional plans for improvement.
“It is a work in progress,” Armanda added. “We are working behind the scenes to help visitors enjoy the magnificent beauty and wonder of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. However, we know the true beauty of this valley are the Navajo people who are the cultural treasures and an integral part of this world-renowned attraction.”

The View Cabins
Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department Manager Martin L. Begaye reverberated his support of The View Campground, noting, “We are very pleased that there is a multi-use RV campground and cabins here within Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The new addition has helped create new jobs for the local Navajo people and provide a new avenue for visitors to experience the unique solitude that can only be found here at Monument Valley. The View Campground has also helped increase visitation to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and increased revenues that will help maintain and improve the park. Lastly, The View Campground also allows visitors to stay longer.”
The View Campground…where the stay is as important as the view.
A place to bask in the quiet and hear the sound of nothingness.
The perfect retreat to hear silent whispers of Navajo culture.
For more information about The View Campground or The View Hotel, contact them at