Navajo Word of the Day: Fireworks (Video)

Since today is July the 4th, I figured a good word to use would be “fireworks.” To say fireworks in Navajo, you can say it one of two ways, “naaltsoos dildoní” or “naaltsoos dilchxoshí.” Naaltsoos means “paper” and dildoní means “the one that explodes.” In the same way, dilchxoshí means “the one that pops,” just like our past word of the day for popcorn, “naadáá’ dilchxoshí ,” for “corn that pops,” or “tó dilchxoshí” for soda pop (popping water).

To use it in a sentence, you can say “Ya’iishjáástsoh yizilígíí’ biyi’ díí’góó yoolkáálgóó naaltsoos dildoní da’dildon leh,” which means, “On the 4th of July, people usually pop fireworks.”

The breakdown:
Ya’iishjáástsoh: July
Yizilígíí’: that month
Biyi’: in it
Díí’góó: the 4th
Yoolkáálgóó: on that day
Naaltsoos dildoní: fireworks
Da’dildon: they pop/explode them
Leh: usually

Enjoy this word of the day & Happy 4th of July! 🙂