Hubbell Native American Auction May 4, 2013

Navajo Rugs and many other Native American Art and Crafts

Hubble Trading Post auction 2012

Hopi katsina dolls – pottery – carvings – fetishes – Navajo& Hopi baskets – Navajo rugs –
jewelry – concho belts – sash belts – paintings – cradle boards – and many more.

Preview is from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM and the auction will start at 12:00 noon and go until all items are offered to the bidders. Remember that the Navajo Reservation will be on daylight saving time.

Native American food vendors will have available many traditional foods and the tent and park grounds will be occupied with many local traders and Native American vendors offering all types of art and crafts and the Trading Post will be open throughout the day as well as tours of the J.L. Hubbell homestead.

Driving Directions to Ganado & Hubbell Trading Post
The National Historic Site is located within the Navajo Nation in Ganado, Arizona near the intersection of Highways 264 and 191.

Source: Friends of Hubbell Trading Post

Nizhoni Fine Arts Competition Winners


Sponsorship of the Fine Arts Competition

at the

66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair

“Remembering History, Celebrating Freedom & Appreciating Tradition”

Best of Show Award Geneva Shabi

Best of Show Award Geneva Shabi


Best of Show Award                                                     Geneva Shabi #377 – Wide Ruins style
President’s Choice Award                                            Alexander Becenti #379 – Storyteller belt, hat, bracelet (set)
Vice-President Choice Award                                       Aaron B. Anderson #012 – Waterbird set
Fire Rock Navajo Casino Choice Award                        Dewayne Chee Sr. #007 – Wings on a Prayer

NNM Horizon Choice Award                                         Edward Charlie #356 – “Cubism”


Paintings, Drawings & Graphics
1st Place                                                                      Hyrum C. Joe #203 – “A rug for Two Dolls and a Coke”
2nd Place                                                                     Patrick D. Hubbell #068 – “Center of Attention”
Honorable Mention                                                        James King #047 – “Happy Valentine”
Special Award                                                               Damien Harvey #170 – “Where Spiders Sleep”
1st Place                                                                      Jay J. Livingston #103 – Double Concho belt 42” silver w/ corral
2nd Place                                                                     Benson Manygoats #093 – 14k gold, Reversible Bear Buckle
Honorable Mention –                                                      Raymond C. Yazzie #144 – Silver Bracelet w/ many stones

Special Award                                                               Ernest Benally #095 – 14k gold double finger ring

1st Place                                                                      Lorraine Black #005 – Horse design (blk/wht) tray basket
2nd Place                                                                     Sally Black #006 – Navajo Basket “Chief Blanket”
Honorable Mention                                                        Sally Black #006 – Yei figure (red/grey)


1st Place                                                                      Ida N. Sahmie #190 – Yei-bi-chei (day chant)
2nd Place                                                                     Lorraine Yazzie #081 – 4 stages of a woman’s life
Honorable Mention                                                        David Wilson #131 Small drum pot

Fiber Arts
1st Place                                                                      Geneva Shabi #377 – Wide Ruins style
2nd Place                                                                     Amy N. Begay #142 – “My Goats” tufted rug
Honorable Mention                                                        Virginia Y. Ballenger #159 – Navajo velvet dress w/ Turq. Stones

Special Award                                                               Etta C. Peacock #148 – “Yei Sandpainting” rug
1st Place                                                                      Oreland C. Joe #044 – Midnight Shuffle
2nd Place                                                                     Alvin Marshall #121 – Changing Woman
Honorable Mention                                                        Julius Keyonnie #027 – Grandma’s Blessing

Special Award                                                               Curtis Begay #039 – Metal Sculpture


Diverse Arts
1st Place                                                                      Fritz J. Casuse #168 – “A song and a prayer for Mother Earth”
2nd Place                                                                     Shawana Goodluck #380 – Earring, necklace & bracelet set
Honorable Mention                                                        Genevieve Hardy #178 – Grey Camisole textile

Special Award                                                               Wanesia Misquadace #199 – “Sunny Boy”


Cultural Arts
1st Place                                                                      Leonard Gene #113 – Concho belt
2nd Place                                                                     Tom D. Tsosie#171 – Yei Bi Chei sculpture
Honorable Mention                                                        Matt Tafoya #1 -“Monster Slayer Yazhi” (hat, bow, arrow set)

Special Award                                                               Lester Ortiz #183 – Silver Arrow w/stone, wooden juniper stand


1st Place                                                                      Lionel J. Bigthumb #040 – “Everything is Life”
2nd Place                                                                     Lionel J. Bigthumb #040 – “Uprise”
Honorable Mention                                                        Amber Gene #114 – “Boys Will Be Boys”

Special Award                                                               Leslie J. Nelson Sr. #041 – “Quiet Meadow”



S-2D – Male
1st Place                                                                      Art Nakaidinae #365 – Water for Mother Earth
2nd Place                                                                     Art Nakaidinae #365 -That One’s mine “Frybread”
Honorable Mention                                                        Eddie Tsosie #022 – “Recent Storm”

Special Award                                                               Chester Kahn #177 – “Hasteen On the way to Ceremony”
S-3D – Male
1st Place                                                                      Jacob Livingston #301 – Eagle bolo
2nd Place                                                                     Jacob Livingston #301 -Coral buckle


S-2D – Female
1st Place                                                                      Salina Dale #084 – Two Grey Hills rug
2nd Place                                                                     Susie W. Begay #163 – Twill rug (red, white, blk)
Honorable Mention                                                        Leta T. John #053 – Child sash belt (red, green, white fringe)

S-3D – Female
2nd Place                                                                     Hazel M. Hardy #071 – the Four Seasons of Navajoland (set of 4)


YOUTH DIVISIONS: (12 to 17 years old)

Y-2D – Male
1st Place                                                                      Cristoff D. Keyonnie #026 – Sheep Camp
2nd Place                                                                     Cristoff D. Keyonnie #026 – Summer Sunset
3rd Place                                                                       Dakota Skye #200 – Modern Warrior (ink drawing)

Honorable Mention                                                        Jacob Pina #086 -Otherside of the Road

Y-3D – Male
2nd Place                                                                     Atsatsa’ Antonio #374 – Redwood Knife handle
3rd Place                                                                       Atsatsa’ Antonio #374 – Bois D’are wood handle


Y-2D – Female
1st Place                                                                      Alyssia Bahe #078 – “Masani’s Flower”
2nd Place                                                                     Elle Claw #056 -“Butterfly in Forest”
3rd Place                                                                       Valencia F. Begay #101 – Pencil drawing

Special Award                                                               Amber Racheal Jessica Lansing #109 – Desert Arizona at Sunset”


Y-3D – Female
1st Place                                                                      Naomi Sky #202 – Colors of the Sky
2nd Place                                                                     Raven Y. Roy #136 – Boo! There’s Grandpa Horned Toad
3rd Place                                                                       Cori Kihibah Chavez #030 – Ladie’s ring (silver w/coral setting)

Honorable Mention                                                        Raven Y. Roy #136 – Bear Paw

CHILDREN DIVISIONS: (up to 11 years old)

C-2D – Boy
1st Place                                                                      Mosquadace’ Casuse #167 – “Colors Dancing”
2nd Place                                                                     Dominic Zahney #368 – “Tadi diin”
3rd Place                                                                       Dominic Zahney #368 – “Male Hogan”

Honorable Mention                                                        Brayden Yellowhorse #165 – “Tiger”

C-3D – Boy

1st Place                                                                      Hunter H. Roy #139 – “Hands like Grandma/Bear Paw” Pottery

C-2D – Girl
1st Place                                                                      Molena A. Begay #004 – “Moonscape”
2nd Place                                                                     Mya Rainy Sleuth #179 – “Thank You”
3rd Place                                                                       Nevrah Platerio #181 – Space Horse Headed Home

Honorable Mention                                                        Mia Autumn Baca #013 – Goldfish

C-3D – Girl

1st Place                                                                      Krystal Martin #123 – Rainbow Barrett (beadwork)
2nd Place                                                                     Sparrow Hawk L. Jones #137 – “Like Grandma” Pottery
3rd Place                                                                       Dakota G. Roy #138 – “Corn Smudge Bowl” Pottery


Fine Arts Competition! Over $50.000 in Awards

Fine Arts Competition

At the 66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair

Sponsored by Fire Rock Navajo Casino

September 3 – 9, 2012

Window Rock, Arizona 

Over $50.000 in Awards

Nozhoni Fine Arts Competition


2 Entries per Artist

Best of Show Award

President’s Choice Award

Vice-President’s Choice Award

Legendary Award

Horizon Award


Paintings, Drawings & Graphics Category

Jewelry Category

Basket Category

Pottery Category

Fiber Arts Category

Sculpture Category

Diverse Arts Category

Cultural Arts NEW Category

Photography NEW Category

Awards for:

1st Place

2nd Place

Honorable Mention

YOUTH DIVISIONS (12 to 17 years old)

Y-2D Category

Y-3D Category

Awards for:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Honorable Mention

CHILDREN DIVISIONS (up to 11 years old)

Y-2D Category

Y-3D Category

Awards for:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Honorable Mention


S-2D Category

S-3D Category

Awards for:

1st Place

2nd Place

Honorable Mention

Fine Arts Competition RULES & REGULATIONS

The FAC/NAM Committee will be accepting Art for Fine Art Competition on August 30th & 31st, 2012,  from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Gorman Hall on the Navajo Nation Fair grounds.

All work must be handmade by the artist within One Year Period of September 2012.  The art to be related to the artist’s tribal affiliation.

Eligibility & Tribal Verification
Artists are required to provide Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) and Drivers License verification for age division.

Art Delivery
Each Artist Allowed Two Art Pieces for the Fine Arts Competition.  The artist to deliver art on August 30 & 31, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Gorman Hall on the Navajo Nation fair grounds.  The Navajo Nation Museum staff will be available to accept entries.  NO entries will be accepted after 4:00 pm.

Best of Show Winner
A booth will be provided for the winner of Best of Show.  The artist will need to be present at the booth that should to remain open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am. to 8:00 pm. & on Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Nizhoni Arts Market Booths
Artists who have NAM booth will have their art returned after judging to display & sell at their booth.  However, top winners art work will remain on display in the Fine Art Competition Gallery.

Consignment Fee
Consignment art sale fee15% for art sold at the NNFAC to made payable to NNF FAC.

Premium Prize Awards
Premium payouts by FAC Coordinator to be made on the following days: Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 2pm – 4pm.  Prize awards not claimed will be forfeited by 5 pm on September 14, 2012.

Artist Portrait & Photographs of Art
Artists and art will be photographed for winning categories. The photographs will be utilized for publicity purposes to promote the Navajo Nation Fair and the NAM.

Fine Art Competition Judging
Fine Art judging to be held on September 1, 2012. Results to remain confidential until VIP & Media reception on Wednesday, September 6, 2012.

VIP & Media Preview
VIP & Media only preview on Wednesday, September 5, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Artifacts & Ceremonial Objects
Absolutely no item(s) will be accepted if suspected to be of prehistoric or culturally sensitive artifacts is ruled by the museum staff.   The use of materials, such as raptor feathers or endangered species is prohibited.

Traditional, contemporary and evolving jewelry. No false representation of materials or origins will be tolerated.

Commercially produced pottery, slip molds, or green ware are strictly prohibited.  Contemporary pottery forms are acceptable.  Hand coiled or wheel thrown are acceptable.

Traditional & contemporary basketry made of natural fibers and the use of natural and aniline dyes are acceptable.

Paintings, Drawings, Graphics – 2D
Paintings, drawings and graphics MUST be framed and ready for hanging or will not be hung for display.

Photography MUST be framed and ready for hanging or will not be hung for display or will not be hung for display.

Children & Youth Art
Framed or matted & shrink wrapped with proper hanging for display or will not be hung for display.

Clothing Apparel
Provide mannequin and proper hanging devices for display or item(s) will not be hung for display.

Display for Show
Proper hanging or display devices to be brought in with art for display.  The FAC/NAM committee has the option to hang or not due to space or inadequate hanging device.

Fiber Arts
Textiles, blankets, belts and purses must be handmade and woven within One Year Period of September 2012 and entered by the weaver.  All natural yarns and dyes are acceptable.  Synthetic or acrylic yarn must be properly labeled. To include textiles, sash belts, traditional/contemporary clothing and all weavings. Sewing machine and hand stitched work is acceptable for all clothing.

Stone, bronze and other metals are acceptable.

Dolls in traditional categories must use materials historically associated with its native culture.  Artists are not to display dolls of tribes other than their own tribal affiliation.

Bead, Quill & Leather
Plastic beads or “bead stringers” and commercial tanned hide are allowed.

Diverse Arts A category to recognize artist’s unique contemporary and multi-media work.

Cultural Arts
A category to recognize artist’s work within their tribal traditions and utilize elements and components, handmade by the artist.  Such items are personal attire, accessories, dolls, figurative, and functional objects such as; bows,  arrows, cradle boards, boxes, knives, shields, furniture, lamps, beaded bottles, bandolier, bags, pipes, hide paintings and musical instruments such as drums, flutes, violins, etc.

Disqualification & Display
Art items that are identified as problematic due to the creation within a One Year Period of September 2012, and/or made by another artist will not be displayed and no award will be given.

Art Release/Check Out
No Early Art Check Out!  Art to be released ONLY to person with claim tag on Sunday, September 9th from 11am at Gorman Hall.

The Navajo Nation Museum and all programs will not be responsible or
Liable for any lost, stolen art and injuries or accidents on Navajo Nation property.

Clarenda Begay at (929) 592-2813 or Char Kruger at (928) 810-8536 or at

Keet Seel (Kiet Siel “broken house” in Navajo)

Keet Seel (Kiet Siel “broken house” in Navajo)

Kiet Siel (Kits’iil, commonly spelled Keet Seel) which stands for “broken house” in Navajo, is a well preserved cliff dwelling of the ancient Anasazi people located in a branch of the Tsegi Canyon in the Kayenta region of Northeastern Arizona.

Keet Seel

The old Ancestral Puebloan ruins of Keet Seel were discovered by Richard Wetherill in early 1895 and made a national monument in 1909.

The site was first occupied at around AD 1250, during a time in which a large number of people were believed to be aggregating in sites such as this in this part of the American Southwest.

There was construction at Kiet Siel from AD 1272 to 1275, with construction halting completely at about AD 1286.

At its peak, its believed that up to 150 people inhabited the Kiet Siel this site at one time.

The Discovery of Keet Seel
Source: Fred M. Blackburn November 12, 2005

The Keet Seel cliff house had one room containing the valuables of several Navajo families. Visits there three different years found them there each time. One burial mound that was previously worked proved to be very rich in pottery and burials, more than 100 skeletons being removed and more than 400 pieces of pottery being saved and brought away entire.

The first work at Kiet Siel was done by a party led by Richard Wetherill, and financed by Theodore Bower [Bowles] in 1897. They left Mancos, Colorado, in October, 1896, and reached Kiet Siel in March 1897.

The notes, plans, photographs, and artifacts were turned over to the American Museum of Natural History, New York. W.B. Douglas surveyed and made a plan in August, 1909.

Dr. J. Walter Fewkes, of the Smithsonian Institution, visited the Kiet Siel ruins in September, 1909, and made out a report that came out later. There was a report of 1909 gotten out by Dean Cummings for the University of Utah.

In 1909 W.B. Douglas, of the Land Office in Washington, D.C., looked over the ruins and decided they should be made into a National Monument.

Most of the pottery is of the finest quality in designs of black and white which indicates a developed art in that direction that has not been rivaled. Some of the large ollas, particularly, measuring two feet across are perfect both in shape and design.

anasazi pottery

At the conclusion of the expedition Richard hoped to sell the collection, rumored at 2000 artifacts for $5500. He would split the collection proceeds with Whitmore and Bowles. Richard eventually settled for a sale to the Hyde brothers of $3000 in January of 1898.

Several fine stone axes are lying about evidently discarded ones but of excellent workmanship and on examining the various timbers about the walls and roofs one can easily see that they were all cut with stone axes from the gnawed off appearance of the ends.

One huge timber lying directly across the front of the outer walls, possibly used at one time for a prop or support with a length of 40 feet and 14 inches in diameter, was cut and trimmed with stone axes which must have required considerable patience, skill, strength and time to cut, showing an admirable side of their character.