Navajo Coyote Stories Collection

 Coyote Stories 

Cultural & Instructional Material for the Classroom

Great way to learn the Navajo Language and Culture

Navajo Coyote Stories Collection

These Coyote Stories have been converted from the original filmstrips to DVDs in Color

Navajo Language Only

Choose from Five Titles! $5.00 Each
Coyote and the Lizards
Coyote and the Beavers
Coyote and Skunk
Coyote and Rabbit
Coyote and Horned Toad

Get the entire collection of five for $25.00

Navajo Coyote Stories Collection

The Coyote Stories were made from student drawings directly into animated films via the technological expertise of the Computer Image Corporation. The VHS/VCR versions came from a later conversion and the DVDs from the VCR version. The DVD conversion occurred in the late 1990s.

Kent and Don Mose made weekly trips to Denver to work with the Computer Image folks to produce the videos. So, the DVDs really represent a little piece of film history, in addition to the cultural content.

Coyote and the Beavers Sample Video 1:00 min

*Please remember that the telling of Coyote Stories is restricted to the winter storytelling months, October through February

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Coyote Tales – Coyote And Rabbit

*Please remember that the telling of Coyote Stories is restricted to the winter storytelling months, October through February.

Coyote And Rabbit-1


One day ‘ Coyote was out walking.
He was walking in the forest.
He saw Rabbit.
He started to chase Rabbit.
Rabbit ran in a hole.
Coyote said,
” I’ll get you out of that hole,
Let me think,”.
Coyote sat down to think.
Now I know: I’ll get you out.
I’ ll get weeds.
I’ll put them in the hole.
I’ll set fire to them.
Then you will come out,” said Coyote




Coyote And Rabbit-2

Rabbit laughed.
No, I will not come out my cousin .
I like weeds. I’ ll eat the weeds.”
“Do you eat milkweeds ” asked Coyote.
I’ll get milkweeds.”
“Yes, I like milkweeds.
I’ll eat the milkweeds,” said Rabbit.
” Do you eat foxtail gross”asked Coyote .
” I’ll get foxtail gross
“Yes, I like foxtail gross”.
I’ll eat the foxtail gross,” said Rabbit.
“Do you eat rabbit brush” asked Coyote.
“I’ll get rabbit brush,” I like rabbit brush best of all.
I’ll eat the rabbit brush too, said Rabbit.
. “I know,” said Coyote. “Pinyon pitch. ”
Rabbit looked sad. Coyote And Rabbit-3

” You will kill me. I do not eat pinyon pitch,” said Rabbit .
Coyote was happy.
He ran from pinyon tree to pinyon tree .
He gathered pinyon pitch . .
He put the pinyon pitch in the hole .
He set the . pinyon pitch on fire.
He bent low. He blew on the fire.
” Come closer,” said Rabbit .
“Blow harder.”
Coyote come closer.
He blew harder. Coyote And Rabbit-4




“I’m nearly dead,” said Rabbit ..
“Came closer’

Blow a little harder'”
Coyote come closer.
He blew harder.

He shut his eyes.
He blew harder.
Rabbit turned.
He kicked hard .
The fire flew in Coyote’s’ face .
Rabbit ran away.
He was laughing very hard.