Navajo Nation Fair 2014 Rodeo Results

Open Indian Rodeo September 2-7 2014


Navajo Nation Fair 2014 Rodeo Results
Dean C. Jackson Memorial Rodeo Arena – Window Rock, AZ
Event Schedule
Tuesday September 2, 2014 Slack 9am
Wednesday September 3, 2014 Slack (If Needed) 9am
Thursday September 4, 2014 1st Perf. 7pm
Friday September 5, 2014 2nd Perf. 7pm
Saturday September 6, 2014 3rd Perf. 1pm
Sunday Final Pref. Final Four 12pm

Wild Horse Race

Extreme Bull Riding at Navajo Nation Fair

Youth Bull Riding

Open Indian Rodeo

Navajo Nation Fair Photos


Navajo Nation Fair Photos

Wooly Riding Championship – Navajo Nation Fair

Navajo Wooly Riding Championship

66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair


5 year and-under category

Navajo Wooly Riding Kash Long of Indian Wells

Navajo Wooly Riding Kash Long of Indian Wells

Kash Long of Indian Wells, Ariz., placed first with a 45-point ride.

Rhyas Vicenti of Ganado, Ariz., placed second with a 44
Cauy Silver of Window Rock and Trey Nez of Chinle tied for third with 39 sc

6- to 7-year-old category

Navajo-Wooly-Riding Jareth Hale, 7, of Beshbitoh, Ariz

Jareth Hale, 7, of Beshbitoh, Ariz., was named the wooly riding champion for her 64-point ride

Jerome Begay Jr., of Smith Lake, N.M., who placed second with a 62-point ride.
Cody Rustin, of White River, Ariz., was third with a 60 and
Davien Begay, of Naschitti, N.M., in fourth with a 58.


Navajo-Wooly-Riding 003

Navajo-Wooly-Riding 004


5 Year Old Navajo Boy Riding Sheep

Woolly Rider Competition
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