The Navajo Hero Twins Receive Their Weapons

The Twins Receive Their Weapons – Poster

The Navajo Hero Twins Receive Their WeaponsPoster © 2013 Heritage Language Resource Center. All rights reserved

After the Sun Bearer acknowledges the Twins as his sons, he arms them with his mighty weapons that will enable the Twins to defend themselves and slay the enemy monsters of the Diné.

The following from the book:  The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins

“Sun Bearer opens the last door. The room was dark and gloomy infield with smoke. Occasional sheet lightning flash to illuminate huge weapons that hung around the walls

Sun Bearer or stepped into the room, and went to each of the four walls of the dwelling and took down his mighty weapons: lightning, sheet lightning, deadly sunbeam, and fatal rainbow.
He presented the weapons to the boys as they stood before him.

Then, each received a powerful Bow and  Arrows. Next  Sun Bearer took Shields, armor and helmet made from Flint, and he presented them to the boys. Finally, he gave each of them stone knives, and broad blades.”

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From the book:  The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins

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