Tsidil – Navajo Stick Game

The Stick Game is a traditional activity given to the First Dine Clans by Changing Woman. Since it is not seasonally-specific, it can be played and enjoyed anytime of the year.


Navajo Stick Game-1

This game kit includes 40 polished stones (stars), three black & white dice, 25 colored playing sticks (markers), instructions, a 16-page, fullcolor, spiral-bound book, and 10-minute DVD.

Tsidil - Navajo Stick Game

DVD was filmed at the Aneth Community School Hogan and features Jim Dandy, Sr. and 6th grade children from Montezuma Creek Elementary. Game can be played by up to 25 students.

Navajo Stick Game-2

Book is illustrated by Navajo artist, Curtis Yanito.

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