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Hasteen Furhat (Navajo), Dinnebeto Trading Post near Oraibi

Photographer: Steltzer, Ulli [ca. 1970]
Princeton University Library. Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.. (WA) WC064, L0313


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  • Jonny Bluebird on 2016-Feb-24 19:18:10 Jonny Bluebird said

    This breaks my heart and is why I have never been home since 1964. I could starve and dress in rags in the white mans world. Why would I stay and watch my people whither away inside and out.
    Being a woman, I could make it in the white man's world. The best and the worst were the comments I always heard: "What are you?" "You have an exotic look, where are you from?" "You have a 'gypsy' look about you; are you Romanian?" "Who are your ancestors? You have such high cheek bones and beautiful lips." "I have to photograph you; here's my card, please call."
    My answer to all, "I don't know, my people died before they could tell me." Also, I never called any of them and they were many. Now an old woman, I look to the days I can see my people again as they were; before we died on the rez.

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