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Navajo Woman Weaver Spinning Wool - 1960's

Title: Life Among the Navajo
Creator: Veronica Evaneshko,
Date: 1950-60
Repository: Northern Arizona University. Cline Library
Call number: NAU.PH.2003.19.2


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  • Ronald Bell on 2014-Aug-20 18:08:15 Ronald Bell said

    Invisible Weaver

    In the center eye of the storm
    of unceasing change
    there is a center calm
    a soulful balm of knowing.

    In the outer process 
    of polarity tensions,
    of "for every action
    there is an opposite and equal reaction",
    of feedback loops,
    of things becoming untied,
    of things flying loose,
    of hurricanic sea changes,
    of seeming pain,
    there is 
    a mysterious homeostasis
    a vital balance 
    for us to cocreate,
    for us to sustain.

    Still yet 
    there is a not-me, a not-we, an I-We
    Divine Feminine Mother (go) figure
    an all embracing Weaver woman of All
    change and changing change,
    in the background of backgrounds
    in the center of centers,
    that invisibly holds
    at work weaving and 
    interweaving the contrasting threads
    the necessary conflicts
    the creative tensions
    into one-whole tapestry of truth 
    peace and justice,
    beautiful should we behold.
    She's a center that tenderly holds us
    in the earthquake, wind and fire,
    in the freedom and turbulence, 
    in the always be-coming
    that gives us new birth,
    again, again and again
    in her tapestry of Love.
    Trust the Beloved Weaver.
    Trust the open-ended loving artistry.
    Cherish the tapestry
    Cherish the weaver
    Cherish the change
    Cherish the moving threads
    that creatively compose our lives.

    ~ Ron Bell
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