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Daisy Taugelchee, World's most famous Navajo Rug Weaver

Daisy Tougelchee was born around 1909 or 1911 and is considered the greatest 20th century Navajo weaver, winning the Gallup Ceremonial for 25 years.

A typical Navajo rug has approximately 30 wefts to the linear inch. A Two Grey Hills from Toadlena average about 45. The finer pieces frequently have upwards of 80.

When a textile has 80 or more wefts per inch, it is considered a tapestry, not a rug.The most famous weaver of these textiles was Daisy Taugelchee (1909-1990), who wove upwards of 115 wefts per inch, which created the most finely woven Navajo tapestries anywhere.

Source: Mark Winter. owner Toadlena Trading Post,


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  • nnathan on 2014-Nov-17 20:04:39 nnathan said

    Daisy did not weave RUGS!!!!! She wove blankets- the traditional style that were meant to be worn, NOT PUT ON THE FLOOR. Rugs were only made after all of the Euro Americans started to take away the Natives land leaving them with no place to grow their food. They HAD to use their craft to create goods for the white man….so THEN they made rugs. I am shocked that this site is so incorrect. PLEASE FIX THIS HUGE OVERSITE.
  • Athena on 2015-Dec-07 20:58:32 Athena said

    a great website.Daisy did actually weave rugs really
  • David on 2017-Mar-31 20:45:33 David said

    The white man's history of "Native Americans" is completely and totally wrong from the beginning. They are NOT native Americans. They were here tens of thousands of years before this country was called America. They are Sioux, and Hopi, and Mohawk, and Pequot and those are names the whites called them by and may be also incorrect as the tribes had no written language it was white men who decided how tribal names would be spelled. White men joke about how the tribes sold Manhattan for $24. This notion is absurd as the tribes had no words to express owning land. Mother Earth was the land and its purpose was to supply the people with food and shelter and it was the peoples job to protect Mother Earth so there would always be plenty of food for the people. Greed was taught to the people by the white men. Killing for fun instead of food was a white mans tradition. Destroying entire mountains to get the shiny gold and silver pieces of Mother Earth was the white mans game. Everything in the world was discovered by white men. That is what history teaches us. Its as if nothing exists until a white man sees it. A white man gets credit for discovering the Pyramids of Egypt. You don't think that in the 7,000 years since they were built nobody knew about them until some white guy found them 200 years ago? The history of the world is ridiculously inaccurate!
  • les wilson on 2018-Feb-23 21:57:06 les wilson said

    That is not a picture of Daisy.
  • Curtis Willie on 2020-May-03 19:27:34 Curtis Willie said

    My Father, on a mission to the Navajo was stationed in Toadalena at one time, and visited Daisy May Taugelchee and her daughter Janie Mildred Taugelchee (Norris) and bought a rug (tapestry) from Daisy. I have pictures of Daisy and Janie weaving, and also the Tapestry he bought. (This was in early 1956)

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