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Content for this site is provided by Clayton Long, Navajo Language Curriculum Designer  and Harold Carey Jr. a Navajo Historian and Photojournalist from Malad City, Idaho.

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Yá'át'ééh! Welcome

This site is dedicated to keeping alive the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the Diné (Navajo People) also referred to as Navajo "Indians" a name not used or liked by the People. The Navajo prefer to be called the "Diné" meaning “The People” or “Children of the Holy People”.

You will also find information on Navajo Art, Language, History, Culture, Jewelry, Sand Painting, Rugs, Code Talkers, the Long Navajo Walk and many other subjects.The use of the word "Navaho", and , "Navajo" are both used on this site.
See why in this article: Use and spelling Navaho or Navajo


Navajo Nation Fair for 2022
September 4-11, 2022
Window Rock, AZ

Navajo Nation Fair Photos

Navajo Nation Fair Photos

Navajo People Photo Gallery

The Navajo Reservation

Situated in the northeastern portion of Arizona and in the northwestern part of New Mexico is the Navajo reservation.

Now the largest Indian reservation in the United States, comprising as it does nearly ten million acres, or nearly fifteen thousand square miles.

The Navajo reservation spans into northern Arizona, northwest New Mexico and southeast Utah.

Being equal in size to the combined areas of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The home of the Navajo Indians has always been considered one of the most arid and barren portions of the Great American Desert.

The average rainfall in this region is from ten to fourteen inches, and is usually confined to two short seasons.

The valleys and lower levels are destitute of trees, save for the cottonwoods that fringe the banks of the arroyos and running streams, though the mesas.

The mountains are fairly well covered with pinion, cedar, oak, juniper, white pine, and spruce.

The elevation is from four to ten thousand feet above sea level, with an attendant climate unsuited to the luxuriant growth of vegetation.


The yucca, cactus, sage brush, gramma grass, and a few weeds and wild flowers are to be found in the valleys and on the lower plateaus, while much of the country is a barren waste with few running streams or springs and with little else to invite either man or beast.

Navajo People Website Links

History of the Navajo

Ancient Navajo and Native Americans Migrations
First Contact with the Navajo – 1540
The Americans and the Navajo
The Mexicans and the Navajo
The Spanish and the Navajo
Navajo Long Walk to Bosque Redondo
Antonio el Pinto Chief of the Navajos

Navajo creation story



Sacred Mountains





Books and Posters

The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins Book Review
Changing Woman Protects Her Sons
The Holy Beings Teach the Navajo Twins Poster
Navajo Winter Storytelling Poster
The Navajo Hero Twins Receive Their Weapons – Poster
Tsidil – Navajo Stick Game
Book Review of  ”The Legend of the Horse”
Legend of the Horse Poster
K’é – Diné (Navajo) Kinship System

 Navajo Pictures
See Navajo photo gallery's with many Navajo Pictures.

Navajo Rugs Blankets and Weaving's
Learn of the crafts of the navajo indians and information about Navajo rugs blankets weaving's.

Navajo Art
Authentic Native American Art, We want to help promote opportunities to Native American artists, craftspeople, and cultural organizations and to promote contemporary Indian arts and crafts.

Navajo Nation
Learn about Dine Bikeyah, or Navajoland, Navajo Government, and Navajo Maps

Navajo Jewelry
Whether you're drawn to the beauty of turquoise and silver Navajo Jewelry or the earth tone colors of Indian pottery, having some knowledge about American Indian arts and crafts can help you get the most for your money.

Navajo Pottery
Learn about processes used by potters, and about the purpose for which various Navajo Pottery is made.

Navajo Sand Painting
Navajo sandpainting symbols

Navajo History
History of navajo tribe, Long Navajo Walk, History of Navajo indians
and the Navajo Chief Manuelito.

Navajo Language
Navajo Language

Navajo Homes - Hogans
Pictures of Navajo traditional homes called Hogans

The Navajo Code Talkers
Navajo code talkers lesson plans

Navajo Culture
Native Navajo culture, Navajo beliefs, Navajo weapons, and Navajo Indians marriage

Navajo Legends
Turquoise boy a navajo legend,

Navajo Clothing
Traditional navajo clothes

Navajo Food
Navajo recipes

Navajo News
Current News about the Navajo and information from The Navajo Times, Navajo-Hopi Observer, The Gallup Independent, Yahoo News and Goggle News and others.

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