Coyote Tales – Coyote And Rabbit

*Please remember that the telling of Coyote Stories is restricted to the winter storytelling months, October through February.

Coyote And Rabbit-1


One day ‘ Coyote was out walking.
He was walking in the forest.
He saw Rabbit.
He started to chase Rabbit.
Rabbit ran in a hole.
Coyote said,
” I’ll get you out of that hole,
Let me think,”.
Coyote sat down to think.
Now I know: I’ll get you out.
I’ ll get weeds.
I’ll put them in the hole.
I’ll set fire to them.
Then you will come out,” said Coyote




Coyote And Rabbit-2

Rabbit laughed.
No, I will not come out my cousin .
I like weeds. I’ ll eat the weeds.”
“Do you eat milkweeds ” asked Coyote.
I’ll get milkweeds.”
“Yes, I like milkweeds.
I’ll eat the milkweeds,” said Rabbit.
” Do you eat foxtail gross”asked Coyote .
” I’ll get foxtail gross
“Yes, I like foxtail gross”.
I’ll eat the foxtail gross,” said Rabbit.
“Do you eat rabbit brush” asked Coyote.
“I’ll get rabbit brush,” I like rabbit brush best of all.
I’ll eat the rabbit brush too, said Rabbit.
. “I know,” said Coyote. “Pinyon pitch. ”
Rabbit looked sad. Coyote And Rabbit-3

” You will kill me. I do not eat pinyon pitch,” said Rabbit .
Coyote was happy.
He ran from pinyon tree to pinyon tree .
He gathered pinyon pitch . .
He put the pinyon pitch in the hole .
He set the . pinyon pitch on fire.
He bent low. He blew on the fire.
” Come closer,” said Rabbit .
“Blow harder.”
Coyote come closer.
He blew harder. Coyote And Rabbit-4




“I’m nearly dead,” said Rabbit ..
“Came closer’

Blow a little harder'”
Coyote come closer.
He blew harder.

He shut his eyes.
He blew harder.
Rabbit turned.
He kicked hard .
The fire flew in Coyote’s’ face .
Rabbit ran away.
He was laughing very hard.


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