Manuelito Navajo leader and influential chief

Manuelito(1818–1893)who for many years was the most influential chief among the Navajoes. Latterly he lost much of his influence in consequence of his intemperate habits, though he was regarded as a sage counsellor till the time* of his death, which occurred in 1893. When he was gone, an old Indian, announcing his death to the writer, said : ” We are now a people without eyes, without ears, without a mind.”

Manuelito Navajo leader

Manuelito Navajo leader

He was Askkii Dighin (‘Holy Boy’), Dahaana Baadaane (Son-in-Law of Late Texan), Hastiin Ch’ilhaajin (“Black Weeds”) and as Nabaah Jilt’aa (War Chief, “Warrior Grabbed Enemy”) to other Diné, and non-Navajo nicknamed him “Bullet Hole”.

He was over six feet tall and weighed perhaps two hundred pounds. He was dressed all in deerskin with fringes on his coat and trousers and had on new leggings, buttoned at the side, and moccasins on his small feet. His hair was worn in many short braids and he had on a Mexican hat with a feather tucked into the brim and tassels hanging over. He wore many strings of beads around his neck, too, and was as fine a looking fellow as you ever saw.


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