The Horses – Navajo Language Lesson


The Horses - Navajo Language Lesson

The Horses – Navajo Language Lesson

The Horses 

I see my father’s horses running in the wind.
Shizhéé bilii níyol yighi’ naanáájahgo nésh’i.

I feel little standing here when the wind and the horses run by.
Lii shíighahgóó níyol yii chínájahgo ‘ánístsíísí yee’ nahalin kodóó séziigo.



Little Herder In Autumn
by Ann Clark
United States Department Of The Interior
Illustrated By Hoke Denetsosie

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Naatsis’áán E’ehaniih Day Celebration

Navajo Mountain, UT. Saturday, Aug 3, 2013

Naatsis’áán E’ehaniih Day Celebration
Horse & Foot races, Fun walk, Parade, traditional Navajo games and, entertainment for children, adults and senior.

Contact: Navajo Mountain Chapter (928) 672.2915 or 2916

7:00 am Fun Walk

9:00  am Horse Race

11:00  am Parade

1:00 pm Horse Race

The Legend of the Horse – Book

Book Review of  “The Legend of the Horse”

A Traditional Story in Both Navajo and English

The Legend of the Horse Cover

Sun bearer created the horse with elements from fathers God in mother Earth. He made the horses years of sprouting plants, white corn. This made the horse keno hearing and alert to noises from far-off. He placed the stars and the dark universe in the horses eyes, so he could see the dark. Eagle water of every kind in the horses face, which gives him his shiny appearance in good health. Sun bearer used shells for the horses lips and teeth.

The Legend of the Horse-2

He created the horse so that when he gallops, he sounds like thunder, and his main and tall swirl like clouds or hang down like falling rain. His legs flesh out like lightning when he races. Sun bearer made his whose from precious stones, and his final creation, under each of the four groups, Sun bear place the special image of an arrowhead as a symbol of protection.

The Legend of the Horse

by Don Mose, Jr.
Illustrated by Charles Yanito

This beautiful book recounts the story of the great
gift of the Holy People to the Diné. 26 pages.

This is a bilingual book; read the Navajo text, then flip the book for the English

Paperback & Perfect-Bound

Be sure to check out the companion poster,
available in three sizes.

Don Mose Jr
Don Mose, Jr., traditional storytellerDon Mose, Jr. is a member of the Diné Nation, originally from the small reservation community of pinon, Arizona. Storylling has always been an important part of Don,s life. As a boy, Don listened to his Grandfather and his Aunt as they related the timeless history and narratives of the Diné. Don has commjtted his life’s work to sharing these traditional stories with the younger generations. ln his quest to keep the flames of Diné culture alive, Don has been inspired by the traditional people of the far north, the Athabascan relatives he met on his journeys to Siberia and the Yukon. lt is Don’s desire that these stories be used to help students.
Charles Yanito artist and illustrator
Charles Yanito artist and illustratorCharles Yanito was born in Bluff, Utah to the Tl’ash chii and the Toh dich’iinih clans. He attended the lnstitute of American lndian Arts and holds degrees from the College of Eastern Utah and Utah State University. He has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and regional art festivals. His illushations can be seen in many San Juan Schools Heritage Language Resource Centor publlcaflons, Currenfly, Charles resides in Bear, Delaware with his famlly.


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Book Review of  ”The Legend of the Horse”

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Wild Horse Race Navajo Fair

66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Wild Horse Race Results


Wild Horse Race Video 53 sec.

Wild Horse Race


1st Performance Friday, 9/7/2012, 12PM
1) Team Roanhorse – Crystal, NM
1. Neilson Roanhorse
2. Frankie Caddo
3. Leonard Quay, JR

2) Wilson Begay Team – Celia, OR
1. Jason Begay
2. William Begay
3. David LeClair, Jr.

2nd Performance Friday, 9/7/2012
1) Daniel Gilbert Team – Warm Springs, OR
1. Daniel Gilbert
2. Dustin Suppah
3. Atcitty Begay

2) Oly Meanus, Jr. Team – The Dalles, OR
1. Clarence Meanus
2. Shaniko Meanus
3. Oly Meanus, Jr.

3rd Performance Saturday, 9/8/2012
1) Brandon Begaye Team – Shonto, AZ
1. Brandon G. Begaye
2. Bryan G. Begay
3. Daniel Etsitty

2) Oly Meanus, Jr. Team – TheDalles, OR
1. Clarence Meanus
2. Shaniko Meanus
3. Oly Meanus, Jr.

Sunday Final: Winner Take All, 9/9/2012
1) Wilson Begay Team – Celia, OR
1. Jason Begay
2.William Begay