Navajo Hero Twins Story Part 5

Hero Twins Video Part 5

Navajo Language Lesson by Clayton Long

Learn why some monsters were allowed to live included Hunger, Poverty, Old Age, and Cold.


Hero Twins Presentation

From the book:  The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins

by Don Mose, Jr.
Illustrated by Charles Yanito

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Supper – Navajo Language Lesson

Supper  - Navajo Language Lesson


Now we ore eating the good food. We eat slowly.
We eat a long time. The hunger I pain is gone.
It went somewhere, but I ‘do not know when it left so quickly.

Source : “Little Herder in the Winter” by Ann Clark 1940
Illustrated by:

Hoke Denetsosie
Linguistics by:
John P. Harrington
Robert W. Young

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