Silver Stars: Béésh ?igaii’ootseed So’nahalingo disos

The Silver Stars exhibit features a collection of jewelry and personal adornments masterly created with a combination of alloys and mineral deposits found within Mother Earth. The works are innovative to include traditional and contemporary designs and technique states Clarenda Begay, Museum Curator.

The men and women artisans of this era have mastered and refined the art of jewelry making into a superior level of metalsmithing. Through their work, the Artists express their time honored trade as it is passed down from generation to generation of creating naturally from the heart and mind. Many of these superb artists mentor the up and coming artist who will take it to another level in time.

The exhibit includes works by over 80 artisans like Preston Mongongye, Victor P. Beck, Harvey A. Begay, Harry Morgan, Patrick Smith, Edison Smith, Norbert Peshlakai, Terry Martinez, Aaron Anderson, Darryl D. Begay, Tommy Jackson and Tonya June Rafael. Many of the Navajo, (Diné) Artisans are recognized as trend setters and elite silversmiths, who show their works at major museums shows and art markets throughout United States. The Museum Curator worked with several area collectors and silversmiths to make this exhibit a success. Thunderbird Supply Company of Gallup, New Mexico is a local sponsor. The exhibit will remain open through February 26, 2011.

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