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Hosteen Tso, holding a ceremonal rattle

He was ranked as the most powerfull Medicine Man in Monument Valley till his death.
Source: National Geographic Society. All rights reserved.


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  • Sandra on 2013-Oct-04 17:53:55 Sandra said

    Would like to know more about this man. Thank you.
  • Sandra Ulrey on 2013-Nov-19 16:55:02 Sandra Ulrey said

    Do you have this in a painting for sale? How much and do you have history with it? I Love it.
  • LINDA on 2017-Sep-05 16:54:44 LINDA said

    I'd like to know resources to obtain info and pictures of historical Navajo men and women of the Shiprock, particularly in the Cudei (Gad ii ihii) region.
    Thanks for any links.
  • Ellen Komp on 2019-Oct-12 15:05:07 Ellen Komp said

    According to biographers, Tso provided the proper weather daily in Monument Valley during the filming of John Ford's "Stagecoach"

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