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Mariano Navajo Chief New Mexico 1885

Mariano Martinez, a Native American (Navajo) man. He holds a shotgun and wears a fringed blanket, leggings, cloth belt, silver bead necklace with naja pendant, bead necklace, and a fur pelt cap.
Date: Between 1885 and 1886
Creator: Ben Wittick
Collection Laboratory of Anthropology, Inc. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Call Number X-32983


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  • Ernest Desiderio on 2015-Nov-04 22:29:25 Ernest Desiderio said

    My grandmothers maiden name was Mable Mariano, I understand her late father was the one of the first lawman within the Eastern Agency rode around on horse back, with a Navajo name "Tall Slender Policeman" can't spell it in the Navajo language. From what I was told he was a son or grandson of Chief Mariano. Would love to know more but that's all we know.
  • Charleston on 2020-Oct-30 13:07:19 Charleston said

    Love my Nali side. I give respect for the last name and a story I heard from my dad through my great Nali man.

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