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Navajo Woman and Child out in Navajoland

Navajo Woman and Child Out in the wide open spaces of the Navajo Reservation,
Photographer: Frasher's Fotos [ca. 1940]
Princeton University Library. Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.. (WA) WC064, S1602


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  • Becky Yeager Smith on 2013-Aug-31 19:28:48 Becky Yeager Smith said

    What a beautiful sight against the great, wide Open. Mother & Child with their one of a kind jewelry.
  • Antalena Lee on 2019-Oct-29 14:22:23 Antalena Lee said

    This is my grandma n mom. This was takin in Ganado,Az at our place. I have this picture given to me by my mom. There's also one hanging in the emergency room in the hospital at Fort Defiance,Az. Feel free to contact me for their names (928)309-7824

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