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Navajo Woman Tying her Daughter's Hair

Written on the back: "Navajo mother tying hair of daughter, showing how brush is used."
Publisher: University of Wyoming. American Heritage Center


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  • Becky Yeager Smith on 2013-Aug-31 19:25:57 Becky Yeager Smith said

    I would love to have this lovely photograph. To remember my own mother bruushing my hair.
  • Jacquelyn on 2013-Nov-22 03:24:03 Jacquelyn said

  • Cynthia Owens on 2014-Aug-24 13:36:05 Cynthia Owens said

    can I purchase a copy of this print
  • Jordan Kennedy on 2016-Jan-28 00:20:13 Jordan Kennedy said

    Who is the daughter? I look just like her ?
  • Martha on 2021-Mar-06 01:14:24 Martha said

    Where can I purchase this brush or how do I make one?

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