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Young Navajo Mother and Child

Monument Valley, Algothlan Area and Mystery Valley.
by Josef Muench 1950-1970
Local call number: NAU.PH.2003.11.3
Repository: Northern Arizona University. Cline Library.


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  • Tina Sweet on 2014-Feb-27 18:25:55 Tina Sweet said

    I am just wondering if anyone has any idea who this woman might be. My dad grew in the same area, his mother passed away when he was young from TB so we've never seen pictures of her. She bares a striking resemblance to my dad and maybe I am just hoping this is her. Any information would be helpful.
  • Cheryl Atine on 2019-Oct-17 21:05:22 Cheryl Atine said

    Her name is Bonnie Atine (Married) Her late husband is Roy Atine both from Oljato Utah. The baby is there eldest son Ron Atine. Bonnie still resides in MV.

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