Navajo Art - Native American Indian arts and crafts, Navavo Indian jewelry, Indian blankets and Navavo rugs, Indian pottery, and American Indian baskets.

Whether you’re drawn to the beauty of turquoise and silver jewelry or the earth tone colors of Indian pottery, having some knowledge about American Indian arts and crafts can help youget the most for your money. Be aware that some unscrupulous retailers want to take your money in exchange for imitation American Indian arts and crafts. Getting What You Pay For Under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, any item produced after 1935 that is marketed using terms such as “Indian,” “Native American” or “Alaska Native” must be made by a member of a State or federally-recognized tribe or acertified Indian artisan.


In 1872 one of the first Navajo silversmiths, Atsidi Chon, came to Zuni to make silver jewelry for sale ( Adair 1944:121-28).In return for the hospitality of a Zuni named Lanyade, Atsidi taught him how to make silver ornaments. When Atsidi returned to Navajo country after a year, Lanyade was the only silversmith at Zuni. After Lanyade taught several other Zunis to make silver jewelry, the craft began to spread through the village. In time the Zuni developed a distinctive style of lapidary work, which emphasizes the turquoise rather than the silver by using many small settings of precisely cut, well-matched stones.

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