Navajo Language Memory Game

Iina Ba Niilyei (Things put on the Earth for Life)

Iina Ba Niilyei is a simple yet entertaining and educational game that can be enjoyed by both preschoolers and older children and by any number of players. The game includes 66 cards (33 matching pairs).

Navajo Language Memory Game

Navajo Language Memory Game

Cards display full-color photo images illustrating the vocabulary word on the card. Each card provides the word in the Navajo Language.

Children will learn the vocabulary and gain memory retention by association and repetition. Instructions are included.

You can also invent your own game with the cards! Game set comes in a box for storage.

How to play The Navajo Memory Game

Any number of people to play, even just yourself.

The goal is to collect pairs of matching pictures. Remove all cards from box
Lay them down down with the ram facing you.

The youngest player can take the first turn. Each player selects two cards and turns them both over leaving them in place. If they’re not matching cards turn them back over so the ram is facing up again.

The player to the right then take to turn. Each player takes a turn turning over 2 cards, looking for a matching pair. Try to remember where the matching pairs are. When you turn over a matching pair you can add to your pile and take another turn. The player with the most matching pairs is the winner.

The game includes 66 cards (33 matching pairs).

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