Navajo-Churro Wool Show & Clinic

Navajo-Churro Sheep Wool Show & Clinic General Information

Navajo-Churro Sheep Wool Show

Show Time is Friday, June 22nd 2013 – 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

This year we are using a different approach to the Navajo Churro Wool show. Rather than competing against each other, we will be learning with each other. Everyone will be a winner because each will be gaining valuable insights as a producer and breeder of Navajo-Churro Sheep. First, you will be asked to tell us what you like about your wool fleece and what you are concerned about as a wool producer or fiber artist. Then the judge(s) will provide you with their opinion(s) from these perspectives:

  1. How well your fleece compares to the Navajo Churro Sheep Association breed standard

  2. The quality of your fleece from a Navajo fiber artist perspective

  3. Comments about other characteristics of the wool and its potential uses

Wool producers, judges and the audience will dialog about the pros and cons of the fleece being shown. Considering the logic that there is no such thing as a “bad” fleece, what is the best use for the fleece being presented? Should you keep breeding for this kind of wool or cull the animal that produced it? If someone were to purchase this fleece from you what would you tell them about it? If not suitable for spinning and weaving, what other uses could there be for the fleece?

We will also discuss how to skirt and store a fleece, value added uses, how to price and sell wool, the difference between the commodity market and a specialty market for wool and related topics.

You will receive a score card on your fleece with a small ribbon attached. Blue = outstanding, red = excellent, yellow = desirable or white = undesirable as a Navajo Churro fleece. The purpose of this approach is to improve our collective knowledge as producers and breeders of Navajo Churro Sheep and as fiber artists. We will gain a deeper understanding about how to handle the wool we produce while learning from each other in a friendly atmosphere.

You will have a few minutes to discuss what you see as the pros and cons of the fleece you are showing. The judges will examine the fleece and discuss what they see as the pros and cons of each. The audience will have a few minutes to ask questions as time allows. We will divide fleeces into these categories.

  • Mature ram fleece – white and colored;

  • Mature ewe fleece – white and colored;

  • Lamb – ram hogget and Lamb – ewe hogget (Hogget = First Shearing from Lamb)

We will show by class of fleece and will show as many fleeces as we have time for. The judges may adjust the classes as they determine necessary.

There is no fee for participation in the show, however if you can afford to make a donation to help DBI cover costs of this event, we would appreciate it.

You may pre-register or register at 9:00 AM on Friday the 21st.

2013 Navajo-Churro Sheep Show & Clinic Registration Form

Mail registration forms to:

Cindy Dvergsten

P.O. Box 218

Lewis CO, 81327 or bring to show.

Contact Cindy at or call 970-739-2445 for information and questions.