Olympics – Navajo Language Word of the Day Video

Source: Terry Teller (daybreakwarrior)

The Navajo Word of the Day is “Olympics”.
The word in Navajo for olympics is “Ahaa Honinééh.” To use this word in Navajo, you would say, “Ahaa Honinééhígíí éí London hoolyéedi baa na’aldeeh.” This means, “The Olympics are being held in London.” Breakdown:

Ahaa Honinééhígíí: The Olympics
Éí: it
London hoolyéedi: at the place called London
Baa na’aldeeh: it is being held

Since I hadn’t been updating my Navajo Words of the Day like I should, I added a new word today, “Alha’dikááh,” which means, “a lot of people racing side by side.” This is more of a term for a foot or running race, but it can also be used for other events. For example:

Dzi’izí (bike) Bee (by means of it) Alha’dikááh: Competitive Cycling
Na’alkóó?’ (swimming) Yee (by means of it) Alha’dikááh: Competitive Swimming

Here are different ways you can use these words in sentences:

Ryan Lochte éí Na’alkóó’ Yee Alha’dikááh yee atah.
Ryan Lochte is competing in the swimming event.

Taylor Phinney éí Dzi’izí Bee Alha’dikááh yee atah.
Taylor Phinney is competing in the cycling event.

Again, just a few words to share since the Summer Olympics are currently being held! Enjoy!

Navajo “Baby Names” & Navajo Naming Concepts (Video)

Video by Terry Teller (Daybreak Warrior)

Terry says:
“I get e-mails and YouTube messages saying, “I am having a baby and want to give my child a Navajo name. Can I name them such & such?” Or, “How do you translate this into Navajo for a Navajo name?” It’s kind of hard because although you’ll have a name written all cool, you may not be pronouncing it correctly or it may not flow with the general concepts that go behind the “typical” traditional Navajo names.”


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