Legend of the Horse Poster

Legend of the Horse Poster

Legend of the Horse Poster

Brilliant Color & Laminated

Available in three sizes:
23” x 35” – $12.00
18” x 24” – $6.00
11” x 14” – $2.00

Poster illustrates and explains the origins of the mystical horse in Diné culture and history.

Companion to the Legend of the Horse book.

Original Artwork by Charles Yanito, Diné

Charles Yanito artist and illustrator
Charles Yanito artist and illustrator 

Charles Yanito was born in Bluff, Utah to the Tl’ash chii and the Toh dich’iinih clans. He attended the lnstitute of American lndian Arts and holds degrees from the College of Eastern Utah and Utah State University. He has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and regional art festivals. His illushations can be seen in many San Juan Schools Heritage Language Resource Centor publlcaflons, Currenfly, Charles resides in Bear, Delaware with his famlly.

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