Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2012

September 5th  – September 8th,   2012

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2012
2012 Miss Navajo Nation Pageant Schedule

Wednesday – September 5th @ 9 am. Hazel Yazza Frybread Pavilion (Navajo Nation Fairgrounds) — Sheep butchering & Traditional Breadmaking

Thursday – September 6th @ 2 pm. Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise event tent (Window Rock) — Contemporary Competition (Skills, Talent, Evening Gown, Public Speaking & Entertainment, Impromptu Questions)

Friday – September 7th @ 2 pm. Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise event tent (Window Rock) — Traditional Competiton (Skills, Talent, Evening Gown, Public Speaking & Entertainment, Impromptu Questions)

Saturday – September 8th @ 6 pm. Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise event tent (Window Rock) — Coronation of Miss Navajo Nation 2012 – 2013



Contestant #1

Charlene Goodluck

Shiprock Chapter

Seri Maryboy

Contestant #2

Seri Maryboy

Red Mesa Chapter

Krystal Parkhurst

Contestant #3

Krystal Parkhurst

St. Michaels Chapter

Leandra Thomas

Contestant #4

Leandra Thomas

Steamboat Chapter

Verrica Livingston

Contestant #5

Verrica Livingston

Twin Lakes Chapter

Brittany Hunt

Contestant #6

Brittany Hunt

Shonto Chapter

Wallitta Begay

Contestant #7

Wallitta Begay

Oljato Chapter

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Beulah Melvin Allen, M.D. was the first Miss Navajo crowned during the Navajo Nation Fair in 1952. The selection process was simple. Contestants vying for the title would stand in front of the audience of approximately 10,000 people. The one who received the loudest applause would be crowned Miss Navajo.

For about five years, there were two contests: one for Miss Navajo and one for Miss Modern Navajo. Miss Navajo would represent the traditional Navajo ways of life, and Miss Modern Navajo would represent the modern ways of life.

Eventually the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant replaced the applause competition. This current competition encompasses both the Navajo and Modern way of life in traditional and contemporary skills, with talent competitions lasting several days. During the pageant competition, contestants demonstrate many beautiful traditional skills and talents. The most important qualification for the Miss Navajo Nation pageant contestants is to be fluent in Navajo and English languages. The contestants must also possess knowledge of the Navajo culture and tradition. Unlike most beauty pageants throughout the world, the Miss Navajo Nation pageant is of beauty found within oneself, instead of judging outward appearance only.

Mission Statement
In keeping with Navajo culture and tradition, the role of Miss Navajo Nation is to exemplify the essence and characters of First Woman, White Shell Woman and Changing Woman and to display leadership as the Goodwill Ambassador.

Miss Navajo Nation represents womanhood and fulfills the role of “grandmother, mother, aunt, and sister” to the Navajo people; therefore she can speak as a leader, teacher, counselor, advisor and friend. In March 1999, the Branch Chiefs of the Navajo government agreed that tone of the fundamental principals of the Navajo government should be the preservation of the Navajo culture. It shall be the mission of the Office of Miss Navajo Nation to encourage every Navajo to assist in the preservation of Navajo culture and Miss Navajo Nation will represent the importance of Navajo women with respect and honor.


Source: Miss Navajo Nation


  1. Baah yazhi says:

    Congrads to Leandra Thomas for winnning!

  2. HUNT FAMILY says:


  3. Schrader Family says:

    We heard a story about this competition this morning on NPR in San Francisco. Who won? We think it is great that you have this event. It would be nice to see the bios of the young women. Good luck to them all.

  4. Where do we send flowers for the contestants.

  5. Congraduations, Brittany Hunt,…. on your many talents: sheep butchering, making frybreads, …. spare us ribs!!

  6. Great Job Brittany Hunt!!!!,…. Well Wishes!!!

  7. Shiprock Community says:

    Please remind the contestants, in their every day lives they need to respect people, conduct themself as ladys, they need to be single (no boy friend & using substance abuse out there in their evey day living), there is one of your contestant, who is using substance out there. It is really bad some of these contestants don’t tell the truth about them self. The committee need to interview these contestants very carefully. I am sorry to say our Miss Navajo Nation should be able to be bilingual (Navajo & English).

  8. Best wishes to Miss Leandra Thomas
    from your student Kodi Joe and family!!! 🙂

  9. hello,please upload very photo and video from sheep butchering contestant please.thnx

  10. Nice photos but where are the bio’s?

  11. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Thank you for catching my mistake on the Voting. I fixed it . Now you can vote for Verrica Livingston – Twin Lakes Chapter the one I left out.

  12. Nice, but the voting part looks a bit funny – one contestant is in there twice and one has been skipped! -ScottM

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