Navajo Nation Fair 2019 Information

The Navajo Nation Fair for 2019

“Honoring the Dine Way of Life”
September 2-8, 2019
Window Rock, AZ

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant Past Winners

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant Past Winners


List of Events for 2018

Check back here for Navajo Fair 2019 Events and dates

Courtesy of Navajo Nation Fair Office – Special Events Section.

Subject to Change


Navajo Nation Fair Map

Map courtesy of Navajo Nation Special Events Section

More information and forms can be obtained at or you can call the Navajo Nation Special Events Office at (928) 871-6647.

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1-children song and dance

Past Fairs Info

Pow Wow Results and Photos

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 Photos

Navajo Nation Fair 2013 Baby Contest Winners List and photos:

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 full contestant bios, photos and schedule.

Miss Navajo Nation Pendleton Shawl Presentation

Miss Navajo Nation Contestants 2018


  1. justine helms says

    You would think…Parks and Recreation can provide safer, more appealing, adequate and more modern facilities for these events…as much money as we spend each year!
    Really…unstocked unsanitary, inadequate PORT O POTTIES, uneven dangerous walk areas with large rocks and uneven surfaces, muddy rodent infested empty undeveloped areas for parking, unsafe falling apart buildings and shelters with sharp and rough edges, bleachers/benches unstable, no hand rails, no lit up or well marked exit and walkway areas.
    If it weren’t for the kids and the good memories made here year after year…I wouldn’t bother to return. But its tradition…so I make the best of it. But something does have to be done to preserve the tradition and the nostalgia of the events that take place here…because some day…I’d like my great great grandchildren to experience this tradition…just as my grand parents tell me of what is used to be like.

  2. Been trying to look for your rodeo flyer on your website since June for information. And here this appears out of nowhere. Feeling bad that I didn’t get to enter up. Been looking forward to this rodeo all year

  3. Call me MR. says

    Why during the Navajo nation rodeo, they tell us we need tribal Id. To show proof. But the stock contractor are white contractors. We’re just giving money away to Outside contractor. We should have Navajo stock contractors. Unless someone is stealing money. Just like previous director of parks and recreations. Also why we not having Jr rodeo. Fair is about kids to have fun, but no Jr. rodeo.

  4. Rosita Dominquez says

    Who is going to master mind this confusion! I camp at the Navajo Nation Fair pow wow grounds every year with my family coming in from different directions of the U.S. This year I was surprised by the way the set up is for the pow wow and the song and dance to be held at the same site. What I want to know is, are you letting all the pow wow participants out by the end of the day on Wednesday and letting in the Song and Dance participants Thursday – Saturday? If so, how are you arranging all this, without a BIG Confusion. Please tell me you have a system going. I would like to know what day and time you are selling the camping sites.

  5. Ya at eeh shi’ Dine e’ – SHAA’ DINE E’

  6. Events:
    Submission Grappling PLEASE !!!

  7. Who’s bright idea was it to have a Pow wow in the middle of the week? This is suppose to be a festival for all to enjoy during the weekend. What will happen on Friday & Saturday at the Pow wow grounds?

  8. Good morning,

    My name is Rippy Williams and I started a band with my daughters earlier this year. We call ourselves Rippy and the Sillyette’s. We were recently featured on KRQE News, my daughters wrote a song for Ashlynne Mike the Amber Alert tragedy victim back in May which ended very horribly with Ashlynne’s death. My daughters were interviewed by Channel 13 news about the song they wrote and we also have a video of the song on youtube. My daughters wrote this song all on their own. Here is the link. Rest In Peace Ashlynne Video by Rippy and The Sillyette’s

    Rest In Peace Ashlynne Video by Rippy and The Sillyette’s

    My daughter’s Lily(age 11) and Lola(age 9) Williams wrote this song about the recent Amber Alert tragedy vic…

    My 9 year old daughter Lola plays the drums and my 11 year old daughter Lily plays the ukulele/backup vocals. I play bass guitar and sing. Since we started our band earlier this year we have been playing many gigs on the Navajo reservation and into Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. To date we have played 46 gigs.

    We currently have a 7 song demo CD. We play a lot of oldies music and have written some original songs as well. We can play up to a 3 hour set. We mainly play songs from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Songs from Franki Valli, Dion and the Bellmonts, Del Shannon to name a few. I know I am the girls father but, I do have to say they are pretty good. Every where we play people get a kick out of my daughters because they are so tiny but they play their instruments very well. I think we would be a nice little addition to the Balloon Fiesta. We would love to come and play some music for you all. We are from Gallup.

    Thanks for your time.

    -Rippy B Williams


    here is also a link to our interview with KRQE news 13

    Gallup family perform Ashlynne Mike tribute song


    Gallup family perform Ashlynne Mike tribute song

    KRQE News 13 at 4:30am – Source:

  9. Bill Mullins says

    We are traveling thru in September and was hoping to stop in to see your fair in 2016.
    Would you please send me info on the dates for 2016.
    Thank you

  10. Will we be able to view this years parade through the I know there are some who would like to be among the Dine’ but due to certain reasons aren’t able to. Could an announcement be made in the newspapers and through radio and television? Ahe’ he… Thank you.

  11. Harold Carey Jr says

    contact the Navajo Nation Fair Special Events staff at (928) 871-7833 or 6647

  12. Harold Carey Jr says

    Westhill Camping $20.00 Per Day (7 people per campsite)
    starting: TBD.
    Powwow camping
    $15.00 Per Day w/ utility (7 people per campsite)
    $10.00 Per Day w/o utility (7 people per campsite) SOLD AT FINANCE & PAYOUTS AT GORMAL HALL
    starting: TBD.

  13. The Navajo Nation has a treaty with the united States. Treaties are by definition between soverign nations. Get educated. But something tells me you prefer to be a troll.

  14. I’m in Odesss, Tx. My nieces a Navajo and I would like to them. All events have to city’s listed. Please email me more info. Even possibly a way they can be a part of. I want them to remember their roots.

  15. Caroline Fike says

    We drive a pickup camper and would like to know if you have sites available. We do not need hookups.

  16. Navajo Fair need a better parking car arrange, and have a security watching over all vehicles parking there. before there has been stealing and bumping cars and make damages. Parking cost should cover the security watching over cars….

  17. Laura Tourtillott Calmus says

    What kind of accommodations do you have for wheelchair bound fair-goers?

  18. Hello there, where do I get information for the 2015 Fair booth rental? I’d like to participate this year to promote Healthier Living on the Rez.

  19. It’s great to see everybody there at the fair!
    Redeagle, All tribes are different nations now, reservations is what it used to be called.
    Catch up with the times dude!

  20. Harold Carey Jr says

    Pow Wow Results and Photos
    Navajo Nation Fair 2013
    Results and more Photos here:

  21. Harold Carey Jr says

    Yes you can use my Photos for free. Just say “Photo By Harold Carey”

  22. Michael Hardy says

    just wanted to know the group singers that took place at the song and dance sunday.

  23. Can your website post any results from the fair….rodeo, pow wow, etc. Are did everyone just did the Navajo thing and forgot about it. It would have been nice if you posted daily results of all the activities but I know that is to much for you guys.

  24. navajo nation says

    In response to red eagle….their is a NAVAJO NATION. Seems as if someone is alittle hurt that they feel they have to down size another tribe. Just let it be known that Navajos are the largest tribe nationally recorded. And recognized. We do celebrate our Nation…the Navajo Nation. On our huge Navajo Nation Reservation. So don’t be a hater…

  25. Using another route going to gallup on Navaho nation parade day gives one the freedom to travel. I mean family times are important if you have to work during week days. So thank you for announcing it on KTNN. Now let’s enjoy the fair you all.

  26. It’s about time some kind of planning was done for through traffic going towards gallup. makes you feel as if though one can still go through with out parking in one place for a couple hours. now that’s thinking about others besides your self. thank you. Lets enjoy the fair.

  27. Teller Rolinda says

    I would like to take photographs of the pow wow dancers, is that allowed?

  28. I wanted to know if I could get some helpon behalf of my daughter..she is the Rock Springs VeteransPrincess n was crowned the end of July n I wanted to ask if I could be able to get some help in gettng three passes so we can take her to attend all these events throughout the week….

  29. Lilyrose Starr says

    NOTHING wrong with the name, why change it.

  30. Why everyone so for this fair. Too ghetto in sanitized place to be.

  31. just got done looking at the schedule for this years Fair, was wondering who was in concert Friday night, I have a question, Ace in the Hole, is it just the band of George Strait, or will he be there. Just wondering. I go every year to the concert and I wanted to know if this concert is worth going. Enlighten me please, more detail.

  32. joseph GERONIMO says

    “Navajo Nation Fair name is KOOL! We America Indians are the ONLY RACE of PEOPLE mentioned in the Constitution of the United States! Our relations with other governments is a political one. Some people prefer “Native” thats ok! We were here FIRST !!

  33. Harold Carey Jr says

    Navajo Nation Fair Schedule of Events
    New! Complete list of all events and Flyer:

  34. Wanted to know when is Zane D roping. Thursday, During the day or in the evening

  35. Are you including “Kids Day” into your fair schedule this year? If so, what day would that be?

  36. Harold Carey Jr says

    Navajoland Inn & Suites / Saint Michaels Arizona
    Phone No. 928-871-5690

  37. Michael Hardy says

    who is hosting for song and dance for the 67th annual Navajo nation fair for window rock?

  38. Just a suggestion from experience while attending previous NNF parades. Each year I see people trying to find parking including myself. I rarely see anyone controling how we all should park. It would only make sense to have viewers park their vehicles, not side ways along the street but either back up their vehicles or face the street. If everyone parked sideways, it only extends the lengh of the parade and I truely feel bad for those who have to walk miles and miles. I enjoy the parade each year but it gets frustrated at times.
    Thank you and see you in 3 weeks.

  39. Hello shi’ dine i am part of the northern navajo nation fair committee and we have a new website and the old website is no longer in use but is still up, just to let everyone know. So follow us on the new website, also on Facebook: and Twitter:

    Thank You,


  40. Cedric Colorado says

    45th Annual Western Navajo Fair October 17-20, 2013

  41. Why call it the “Navajo Nation Fair” when in reality there’s no Navajo Nation or Statehood? Wouldn’t it be better calling it “The Navajo Reservation Fair”

  42. I am wanting to know who well be coming for the concert?

  43. rochelle perry says

    i wanted to know who i would have to get in cocntact with for the navajo natin fair for the DPA Security? what qualifications are needed i am a 2007 high school grad. i can be reached at the email provided.

  44. Maureen Yuzicappi says

    just wondering where one would make reservations for accomodations ?? thank you.

  45. Harold Carey Jr says

    We do not have on yet. Check back to this web page for the latest information.

  46. Betty Rickenbach says

    Is there any way I can get a program for this years fair as we will be traveling across country to go to the fair? My address is 5133 Krystal Lane Conway, SC 29527 Thank You!!

  47. Vanessia says

    Just wanted to know when the Western Navajo Nation Fair in Tuba City is for this year.

  48. Diane Lenz says

    Does anyone have the dates for the 2013 Western Navajo Nation Fair in Tuba City? Thanks!

  49. Harold Carey Jr says

    Shiprock Northern Navajo Nation Fair for 2013 will be from October 3-7.

  50. Theresa Clark says

    Just wanted to find out when the Northern Navajo Nation Fair in Shiprock, NM is this year 2013..

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