Haíínèí – Navajo Creation Story

Lesson 5 Haíínèí

A Navajo Language Lesson

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Lesson 5 Haíínèí - Navajo Creation Story

Lesson 5 Haíínèí – Navajo Creation Story

Video for Language Lesson 5 Haíínèí
Presenter Clayton Long

Dííjí Hajíínèí baah hashne’ dooleel.
Today I will tell you about the Navajo Creation Story

More on the Navajo Creation Story

The First World “Nihodilhil” (Black World)

Nihodootlizh – Second World (Blue World)

 Nihaltsoh -The third World (Yellow World)

 Nihalgai – The Fourth, Glittering or White World


Creation Story Poster Set of Four

This poster set illustrates and explains the Creation Narrative in simple, design and text.
Each poster depicts the beings and landmarks associated with that World.
Illustrations by Theresa Breznau.
17” x 22” laminated on heavy cardstock.
Sold as a set for $24.00
Also available individually for $6.00 each

To Purchase:
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Website: media.sjsd.org

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