Yeii Bi Cheii

Yeii Bi Cheii Ceremony
Western Navajo Fair 2016

Tuba City, AZ

Yeii Bi Cheii Ceremony

October 6 to October 16, 2015

Medicine Man Harrison Baheshone
Ceremonial Patient: Rachel Begay

Oct. 6, 2015 – Arrival of Medicine Bundle
Yei Bi Cheii Beauty way chanting
Yei Sandpainting
Night-Time Wei initiation
Arrival of Yeii Bi Cheii
Yeii Bi Cheii dancing
Sunday, Oct. 16, Final Night w/ Hogan Blessing
Day-Time Weii Initiation at, 2pm – Yeii Bi Cheii dancing starts at 9pm

The Ceremony is scheduled to be on Daylight Savings Timel)

Theme: “Strength To Overcome The Impossible”

Western Navajo Fair 2016
October 15 to October 18, 2015
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