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66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair

“Appreciation Tradition”

September 2nd – 9th, 2012

Window Rock, AZ

The World’s Largest American Indian Fair.

The Navajo Nation Fair was established in 1938 to stimulate livestock improvements and management through exhibits for the Navajo people. The Navajo Nation Fair has become a world-renowned event that showcases Navajo Agriculture, Fine Arts and Crafts, with the promotion and preservation of the Navajo heritage by providing cultural entertainment.

The Navajo Nation Fair Schedule of Events for 2012 will include:

Nizhoni Navajo Arts and Crafts Exhibition September 6 – 9

New Just Out

2012 Navajo Nation Fair Schedule 

Events Times and Dates 

Navajo Nation Fair 2012 Events flyer




Press Release from the Navajo Nation Fair 2012

Media Contact:
Roberta John, Program & Project Specialist
(928) 871-7380


Navajo Nation Gearing Up for Grand Daddy of all Tribal Fairs
WINDOW ROCK, AZ. – Nestled in the heart of the Southwest is a rich and vibrant tribe called the Navajo Nation.

Whispering canyon walls….mystifying ancient architecture….picturesque mountains….relaxing lakes and rivers…towering rock formations… earthly scent of cedar and sage after a light sprinkle of rain….magnificent sunsets…and refreshing blue skies….this is Navajoland, a panorama of awesome scenery and captivating getaways….this is what most Navajoland visitors come to see. However, it is the Navajo people that makes Navajoland beautiful and unique.
And within the four sacred mountains is one of the world’s best kept secrets….the Navajo Nation Fair, which is the “Largest American Indian Fair in North America.” When it first began 66 years ago, it was a small gathering of primarily Navajo people. Over the years, other tribes were invited and it soon became known as the largest gathering of Indian nations in the U.S. that cultivates and nurtures indigenous expression.
Today, it is a mecca and visual symphony for elegant Navajo art, dance, music, food and professional athleticism with a native touch. It is also where legends are matched with a new world of future champions vying for thousands of dollars in prize money.
The Navajo Nation Fair is an event that many people look forward to attending year after year. To continue this tradition, the Navajo Nation Special Events Office and a host of volunteers will launch the 66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair on September 2-9th -. The theme this year will be “Appreciating Tradition.”
“Hosting the World’s Largest American Indian Fair takes more than a village, according to Norma Bowman, Navajo Nation Fair Manager.
“The Navajo Nation Fair takes a lot of volunteers, planning, and financial partnerships to make it a success. There are an array of individuals who are working quietly behind the scenes to make it a successful cultural celebration.

Hosting the Navajo Nation Fair is a time-honored tradition and we are doing our best to make it a very enjoyable for everyone. This is a great opportunity to see how we showcase our people and share our cultural pride.”
Bowman added, “The Navajo Nation Fair is an ideal place to experience American Indian culture, namely, Navajo culture. So if you’re looking for a myriad of cultural excitement, make plans to join us here in the capital of the Navajo Nation in September.

I’d also like to especially invite Navajoland visitors to the Navajo Nation Fair, which is a great venue to learn more about the Navajo culture.”


The Navajo Nation Fair will also include a free Christian concert, a junior rodeo, a Miss Navajo Nation butchering contest, a frybread contest, a Nizhoni Arts Market, an Extreme Native Bull Riding event, Native American comedy entertainment, an exceptional rodeo, a Navajo Nation Energy Expo, Hoshkii Happy/Kids Day, a free barbecue, Pueblo Country Opener for
Country Music Artist Gary Allan, a hot air balloon event, a traditional Navajo song and dance, an inter-tribal pow wow, a parade, an inter-tribal night performance, a fundraising golf tournament, a livestock and horticulture exhibit, a carnival, and more.
For more information about sponsorships, parade, event fees and participation or other related questions, please contact the Navajo Nation Museum Special Events Section at (928) 871-7941 or

Sources of information:
Navajo Nation Fair Website and Facebook Page
Navajo Nation Museum Special Events Section


  1. Am navajo from st. Michaels, but live in Denver, CO. I love the events of the fair and the people. Being a grandma is special, cuz I take my grandchildren to the fair and show them that as Navajos we should appreciate our culture in every aspects. I hope to C all my school mates and friends if I am able to make it. Enjoy the celebration everyone, and be Blessed.

    44th Western Navajo Fair

  3. dl starlight says

    Eveeryone loves the ffair an powwow..after many many years of goin to enjoy w friends n family an also a powwow contestant,,I really really hope nxt year the shower facilities would dramatically improve,,also have some hot water..we all love the fair but we also love to start our day at the fair w a nice hot shower…plz share w othrs,,I’m sure others would agree expecially us travelers that come to sirhare an enjoy the navajo fair….

  4. Happy Hello EVERYONE from Grandma Begay, Great Grandma Begay and Great Great Grandma Begay of Black Mesa, AZ & CA…. Wishing you a fun, excitement, and a happy good time. The Navajo Nation Fair is world largest family reunion in the world. We are so proud to see our history, culture, tradition and most of all BEAUTIFUL NAVAJO PEOPLE. This is beautiful for our heart, mind, body and soul to reunite as wonderful and caring people enjoying everything the fair has to offer. We hope to see you soon….. Happy Celebration !!!!

  5. sabrina giles TMC employee says

    what is the cost to enter the fair????

  6. Dine (navajo) Reggae group due to perform in the parade this year. Check out an all Dine Reggae group out of Na’neel’zhiin (Torreon) NM. we are looking for a place to perform Friday evening the 7th, any suggestions. music and videos:

  7. vanessa selina says

    The link to the ‘event times and dates’ doesn’t work. I’m trying to find out what’s happening on Friday 9/7. My sister would like to take a group of kids to the fair on Friday but would like to know what is, if anything special, is going on that day. Please send me a copy of the ‘event times and dates’. Thank you, much appreciated!!
    Vanessa Selina

  8. I hope you guy are having boxing again this year! I went last year and the boxing show was great!! put on 15 fights. They even had a Navajo Nation title fight!!

  9. Harold Carey Jr says

    Information on the 2012 Shiprock NORTHERN NAVAJO NATION FAIR here:

  10. Well ,We As the Navajo Tribe Always has surprises up our sleeves. It would be nice to have a place to have bigger concerts that well attract even the smallest beings and tours. The Revenue for the tribe would be great.

  11. I want to know when Shiprock fair?

  12. Correction: The Navajo Nation Fair is about seeing family, friends, and meeting new people. It’s a time to celebrate and honor our people and their many achievements….it’s a time to celebrate our beautiful Navajo culture.

  13. @Robin Price There are many Navajo Nation fairs and they are ALL open to the public. It is not exclusive to American Indians. Yes, I think this would be a great cultural experience for you, your family/friends. The one in Window Rock is the largest.

  14. Please send me more info I’m very forgetful thnx!!!

  15. Blackrock Bia says

    Horseshoe Tournament??

  16. Harold Carey Jr says

    Yes anyone can attend this fair. “The Navajo Nation Fair is the ideal place to experience American Indian culture, namely Navajo culture. So if you’re looking for a myriad of cultural excitement, make plans to join us here in the Navajo Nation capital in September.”

  17. Harold Carey Jr says

    The Best is “Quality Inn Navajo Nation Capital” – Window Rock
    also near is “Days Inn” 392 W. Hwy. 264 Saint Michaels about 10 min from Window Rock.

    The next closest is Gallup, NM with over 20 Hotels but with Trains going by at night.

  18. Terry Gray Chandler, Navajo Jewelry says

    If we come to this fair this year, which hotel is best? I remember that one is owned by the Navajo Nation. Wouldn’t that be best to stay in to get the best fair experience? I want to get all I can out of every minute I am there.

  19. Rebecca Billy, Special Education Teacher says

    Is there a schedule for the event of children day through out the day? Need the schedule to plan to make a field trip request and it’s requesting for the day schedule on September 6th, 2012

  20. Robin Price says

    Can anyone attend this fair?

    We are not Indian, but are very much wanting to attend and learn more about your beautiful culture and traditions.
    Thank you!

  21. Hashkahadzohi asdzan says

    The fair is not about money or awards, it is about pride, culture, and knowledge. Of course many Native Americans have been influenced by the Western world and its money based society… but many of us have not.

  22. Donald Gatewood says

    I am half Navajo living in Virginia Beach, Virginia where I retired after 22 years in the U. S. Navy and 10 years with the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office. My father (deceased) was Clarence Gatewood who was the first full blood Navajo U. S. Army helicopter pilot that flew the 1964 Miss Navajo into the fair grounds in a CH-37 Mojave helicopter. I have not been able to get back to my ancestoral roots at Ft. Defiance except for family reunions several times over the last 30 years. I am happy to see that the Navajo Nation Fair is still going strong. I try to keep up with news and events online and will do so for many years to come. I hope more young Navajos keep their traditions alive and teach their children our ways.

  23. the navajo nation fair claims to the “largest american indian fair”. AS for the RODEO, it is NOW 2nd RATE as several indian rodeos now surpass the navajo nation fair rodeo in terms of $$ MONEY and AWARDS.


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