Western Navajo Nation Fair Tuba City, AZ

 Annual Western Navajo Nation Fair in Tuba City, Arizona.

Thursday, October 15, 2015 to
Sunday, October 18, 2015

Western Navajo Fair Tuba CityPhoto  courtesy of  Western Navajo Fair
The Western Navajo Fair is held yearly in the town of Tuba City, Arizona.

The Grand finale of the Navajo Nation Fairs. The Western Navajo Fair is an annual celebration drawing thousands of spectators to our beautiful community. From pageants to concernts to a rodeo, parade, carnival, etc., the Western Navajo Fairhas something fun for everyone

This years events will be posted as soon as avalible

Last Year 201 4 events and Information

Miss Western Navajo Teen Pageant!
Contact Jolene Bergen 928-283-3022 for more information.


Mini Miss Western Navajo Pageant (Oct. 13 @ 6 PM)
Lil Miss Western Navajo Pageant (Oct. 14 @ 6 PM)
Greyhills Academy High School Auditorium

Kid’s Day!  October 16th!
For more information, contact Dine’ Youth at (928) 283-3021.
Download Booth Registration Form here:

Team Roping! October 16th
For More Info Contact: 928-606-0447 or 928-266-8226

Exceptional Rodeo! October 16th! For More Info Contact: 928-283-3060

Open Bull Riding, Jr Bull Riding, Steer Riding and Wooly Riding!
October 17!Contact 928-660-2668 for more information.

Open Junior Rodeo! October 17th!
Contact Brandon Williams at 928-660-2668 for more information.

Electric Neon Party! Friday, October 17, 2014! Some of the best Native Dj’s in the country dropping hype EDM sets! Tuba City…U ready to RAGE!!!!

Open Show Rodeo! October 18th & 19th! Contact 928-660-2668 for more information.

Pow Wow and Gourd Dance! Contact Alita Bowen at 928.283.5698 for more information.

Western Navajo Fair Schedule Of Events

Western Navajo Fair Schedule Of Events

Courtesy of  Western Navajo Fair

Western Navajo Fair

 Western Navajo Fairgrounds Tuba City, Arizona.



  1. Who do I get in contact about vending spaces for my Company Navajo Jewelry and Design. I need to register and get assigned a space. Thankyou

    Navajo Jewelry and Design
    Jeremy Crank – Owner

  2. who is doing the jr rodeo this year. need info

  3. Carlyne Apachito says:

    Any1 nos who’s hosting the song n dance this yr????

  4. how or where can I obtain a parade entry form for the tuba city fair. please respond asap.

  5. Any information on the Miss Western Navajo, Miss Western Teen, any other royalty constest that can be mentioned related to the fair?

  6. Any information on the 2014 western Navajo nation fair Parade?
    Who is in charge and who do I need to get in contact for this information.
    Thank you!

  7. it there any parade fee? to be an entry?

  8. Is there an exhibit hall for people to display? Who do I need to contact in order to get information from?

  9. WesternNavajoFair.com
    check Facebook for updates on the fair!

  10. What is the procedure to get a permit to have a booth and vend products at the Navajo Nation

  11. Who’s hosting the mudd race an where is there a night show an where?

  12. who’s hosting th mudd race an where is there a night show an where?

  13. Maria Plower says:

    Wanted to know if there is still time to enter the parade for the 2014 western fair in tuba city

  14. Is there a calender with the full agenda. Like with times and dates for the pow wows, song and dance, etc…

  15. Eva Platero says:

    no information on parade,please sent me application and Contact Phone number to Fax 928 729-5889

  16. Verna Begay says:

    Can someone tell me where to get an application to be a food vendor at the 2015 fair?

  17. Harold Carey Jr says:

    contact the Navajo Nation Fair Special Events staff at (928) 871-7833 or 6647

  18. cant find didly squat on fair. what happen to the original website where your able to download forms, copy the flyer, and so on. for example there is no info on who to contact, rodeo, powwow, fair committee, parade and vendor. just thought id put it out there for the chapter. Facebook don’t help, and I don’t want to make and account to get info on the fair.

  19. Harold Carey Jr says:

    Just updated the Page:
    Western Navajo Fair
    Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015 – Sunday, October 18, 2015

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