Navajo Nation Fair 2014 Info

The 68th Navajo Nation Fair

Date : September 1-7, 2014

Theme: “Promoting Family Values through Culture and Tradition”

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Graphic courtesy of Navajo Nation Fair


Photos from the 2013 Fair:

1-children song and dance

Pow Wow Results and Photos

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 Photos

Navajo Nation Fair 2013 Baby Contest Winners List and photos:

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2013 full contestant bios, photos and schedule.

Miss Navajo Nation Pendleton Shawl Presentation

Navajo Nation Fair Events 2014

Indian Rodeo

Open Junior Rodeo

Miss Navajo Pageant

Pow Wow

Gourd Dance

Baby Contest

Nizhoni Arts Market

4H  Horse Show




Elder Fest

Youth Dummy Roping

Free BBQ

Wild Horse Race

Navajo Song & Dance

4H Wooly Ride Competition

More information and forms can be obtained at or you can call the Navajo Nation Special Events Office at (928) 871-6478.


Open Indian Rodeo – Navajo Nation Fair 2012

September 4-9, 2012
Dean C. Jackson Memorial Arena
NN Fairgrounds – Window Rock, AZ

Open Indian Rodeo - Navajo Nation Fair 2012

Entries Open: July 9th, 2012
Entries Close: August 10, 2012
Walk Ins: August 24, 2012 at the Navajo Nation Museum


Short Go for all events: top 10 (except for ladies and team roping).

Open to Native Americans with recognized tribal ID proof required. One time $25 office fee.
For paid purpose you must submit a W–9 with your entry form and have a valid ID in your possession in order to receive your cash award.



BAREBACK 20 $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
SADDLE BRONC 30 $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
BULL RIDING 80 $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
TIE DOWN 60 $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
STEER WRESTLING 70 $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
BARREL RACING NL $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
LADIES BREAKAWAY 80 $200 $5,000 2 go $2,000
LADIES TEAM ROPING 2X 200 $400 $10,000 2 go $2,000
LADIES TEAM ROPING1X 40 $150 $1,500 2 go $2,000

Entries open July 9, 2012. First to enter last to go. Entries close with postmarked by August 10, 2012 $20 late fee after August 10.
Walk-in entries: August 24, 2012 at Navajo National Museum

Tuesday, September 4
8AM – slack

Wednesday, September 5
8AM – slack

Friday, September 7
12 PM first performance
7 PM second performance

Saturday, September 8
1 PM third performance

Sunday, September 9
12 PM final four

Tuesday  – No admission
Wednesday – NO admission
Friday and Sunday  – $12 adults $6 child and seniors



The 66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Indian Rodeo (NNFIR) shall be open to all Native American contestants who have a blood quantum of one fourth (1/4) American  Indian heritage or who are enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe. The Special Events Section (SES) of the Navajo Nation Fair reserves the right to request for proof of blood quantum or enrollment status. Failure of a contestant to show proof of blood quantum or enrollment when requested may be cause for disqualification of the contestant, and forfeiture of entry fess and any money won at the rodeo.



Entries for the 66th Annual NNFIR will open on July 9, 2012. Entry forms will be available on the website – – and at other Indian rodeos. Mail-in entries will close on August 10, 2012. All entry forms and payment for entries must be sent to: Navajo Nation Fair Indian Rodeo, c/o Navajo Nation Museum, Post Office Box 1840, Window Rock, AZ 86515. Payment for entry fees must be by money order or cashier’s check. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. All contestants shall pay entry fees for the contest events entered in FULL at the time of entry closing of entries on August 15, 2012. Entry fees are $200.00 for all events except Ladies Teams which is $150. A one-time office charge of $25.00 must be included with your payment. Mail-in entries must be received by August 15, 2012 regardless of postmark date. Entry fees in the team roping shall be paid in full by both team members (partners) at the time of entry closing to be considered entered. If entry fees are not paid in full by entry closing the team shall be scratched from entry list.

Late entries will accepted for any position not filled during the regular entry period. Late entries will be walk-in only and will incur a $20.00 late fine. All walk-in entries must be paid with money order or cashier’s check. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. Walk-in entries will be taken from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Friday, August 24, 2012 at the Rodeo Office at the Navajo Nation Museum. Positions will be posted on prior to opening of late entries. Walk-ins will receive their position when entering. There will be no call backs for walk-in entries.



Ladies Team Roping (LT) will be one go round with no finals. Twenty Five (25) teams will run in a slack and twenty (15) will run during a performance (5/perf Thurs, Fri & Sat). Tie down Roping (TD), Steer Wrestling (SW), Team Roping (TR), Ladies Breakaway Roping (LR) and Ladies Barrels (LB) contestants shall compete in two complete go-rounds with the first go round being held in a slack performance. The contestants with the top forty (40) times will compete during the four (4) performances with ten (10) contestants per performance/event and the remaining contestant will compete their 2nd go competition run during the 2nd go slack performance. Those contestants making trades will be one hour after the top 40 list is posted at Rodeo Office. Only horses needed during actual competition in the event will be allowed in the box during any timed event and/or noncompetitive runs. All contestants who have completed their runs shall immediately exit the arena. The arena shall always remain clear of non-competing contestants while events are in progress. Only those personnel who are authorized to be in the arena shall remain in the arena. The timers in the time events shall blow a whistle at the end of a set time limit indicating a “no time”.



Prize money payout for the 66th Annual NNFIR will be made by check and no checks will be released to anyone but the winning contestant. Payoff scale will be according to PRCA/WPRA rulebooks. Contestant must complete a W-9 form with proper identification numbers and present two forms of identification (one must be picture ID) to receive prize money check(s). At year-end all contestants earnings $600.00 or more will receive a 1099 form. The NNFIR Rodeo Secretary will do payoff checks at the end of each go-round. Rodeo office hours will be posted on the post board. Any prize money check that has to be replaced for any reason after Sunday, September 11, 2012 will incur a $25.00 replacement fee.


All Around Champions must compete in two or more events. The Contestants who wins the most money in two or more events will win the All Around title. If no contestant wins money in two or more events, the contestant entering two or more events who wins the most money will win the All Around title. Money won by ladies in the men’s TR will count for the Ladies All-Around.

1. Men’s All Around – Men’s Events – BB, SB, BR, SW, TD, and TR (1 run only counts)

2. Ladies All Around – Ladies Events – LB, LR, LT and TR (1 run only counts)

Navajo Treaty Days Open Indian Rodeo

Saturday and Sunday
June 2 -3 2012

Dean C Jackson Memorial Arena
Navajo Nation Fairgrounds
Window Rock, AZ

Saturday, June 2,  8:00 am – Slack
Saturday, June 2, 7:00 pm
Sunday, June 3, 1:00 pm

Navajo Nation Museum Special Event Selection
PO Box 2 370 Window Rock AZ 86515
928-871-6642 or 928.871.7941

Navajo Treaty Days Open Indian Rodeo

Navajo Treaty Days Open Indian Rodeo