Nizhoni Fine Arts Competition Winners


Sponsorship of the Fine Arts Competition

at the

66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair

“Remembering History, Celebrating Freedom & Appreciating Tradition”

Best of Show Award Geneva Shabi

Best of Show Award Geneva Shabi


Best of Show Award                                                     Geneva Shabi #377 – Wide Ruins style
President’s Choice Award                                            Alexander Becenti #379 – Storyteller belt, hat, bracelet (set)
Vice-President Choice Award                                       Aaron B. Anderson #012 – Waterbird set
Fire Rock Navajo Casino Choice Award                        Dewayne Chee Sr. #007 – Wings on a Prayer

NNM Horizon Choice Award                                         Edward Charlie #356 – “Cubism”


Paintings, Drawings & Graphics
1st Place                                                                      Hyrum C. Joe #203 – “A rug for Two Dolls and a Coke”
2nd Place                                                                     Patrick D. Hubbell #068 – “Center of Attention”
Honorable Mention                                                        James King #047 – “Happy Valentine”
Special Award                                                               Damien Harvey #170 – “Where Spiders Sleep”
1st Place                                                                      Jay J. Livingston #103 – Double Concho belt 42” silver w/ corral
2nd Place                                                                     Benson Manygoats #093 – 14k gold, Reversible Bear Buckle
Honorable Mention –                                                      Raymond C. Yazzie #144 – Silver Bracelet w/ many stones

Special Award                                                               Ernest Benally #095 – 14k gold double finger ring

1st Place                                                                      Lorraine Black #005 – Horse design (blk/wht) tray basket
2nd Place                                                                     Sally Black #006 – Navajo Basket “Chief Blanket”
Honorable Mention                                                        Sally Black #006 – Yei figure (red/grey)


1st Place                                                                      Ida N. Sahmie #190 – Yei-bi-chei (day chant)
2nd Place                                                                     Lorraine Yazzie #081 – 4 stages of a woman’s life
Honorable Mention                                                        David Wilson #131 Small drum pot

Fiber Arts
1st Place                                                                      Geneva Shabi #377 – Wide Ruins style
2nd Place                                                                     Amy N. Begay #142 – “My Goats” tufted rug
Honorable Mention                                                        Virginia Y. Ballenger #159 – Navajo velvet dress w/ Turq. Stones

Special Award                                                               Etta C. Peacock #148 – “Yei Sandpainting” rug
1st Place                                                                      Oreland C. Joe #044 – Midnight Shuffle
2nd Place                                                                     Alvin Marshall #121 – Changing Woman
Honorable Mention                                                        Julius Keyonnie #027 – Grandma’s Blessing

Special Award                                                               Curtis Begay #039 – Metal Sculpture


Diverse Arts
1st Place                                                                      Fritz J. Casuse #168 – “A song and a prayer for Mother Earth”
2nd Place                                                                     Shawana Goodluck #380 – Earring, necklace & bracelet set
Honorable Mention                                                        Genevieve Hardy #178 – Grey Camisole textile

Special Award                                                               Wanesia Misquadace #199 – “Sunny Boy”


Cultural Arts
1st Place                                                                      Leonard Gene #113 – Concho belt
2nd Place                                                                     Tom D. Tsosie#171 – Yei Bi Chei sculpture
Honorable Mention                                                        Matt Tafoya #1 -“Monster Slayer Yazhi” (hat, bow, arrow set)

Special Award                                                               Lester Ortiz #183 – Silver Arrow w/stone, wooden juniper stand


1st Place                                                                      Lionel J. Bigthumb #040 – “Everything is Life”
2nd Place                                                                     Lionel J. Bigthumb #040 – “Uprise”
Honorable Mention                                                        Amber Gene #114 – “Boys Will Be Boys”

Special Award                                                               Leslie J. Nelson Sr. #041 – “Quiet Meadow”



S-2D – Male
1st Place                                                                      Art Nakaidinae #365 – Water for Mother Earth
2nd Place                                                                     Art Nakaidinae #365 -That One’s mine “Frybread”
Honorable Mention                                                        Eddie Tsosie #022 – “Recent Storm”

Special Award                                                               Chester Kahn #177 – “Hasteen On the way to Ceremony”
S-3D – Male
1st Place                                                                      Jacob Livingston #301 – Eagle bolo
2nd Place                                                                     Jacob Livingston #301 -Coral buckle


S-2D – Female
1st Place                                                                      Salina Dale #084 – Two Grey Hills rug
2nd Place                                                                     Susie W. Begay #163 – Twill rug (red, white, blk)
Honorable Mention                                                        Leta T. John #053 – Child sash belt (red, green, white fringe)

S-3D – Female
2nd Place                                                                     Hazel M. Hardy #071 – the Four Seasons of Navajoland (set of 4)


YOUTH DIVISIONS: (12 to 17 years old)

Y-2D – Male
1st Place                                                                      Cristoff D. Keyonnie #026 – Sheep Camp
2nd Place                                                                     Cristoff D. Keyonnie #026 – Summer Sunset
3rd Place                                                                       Dakota Skye #200 – Modern Warrior (ink drawing)

Honorable Mention                                                        Jacob Pina #086 -Otherside of the Road

Y-3D – Male
2nd Place                                                                     Atsatsa’ Antonio #374 – Redwood Knife handle
3rd Place                                                                       Atsatsa’ Antonio #374 – Bois D’are wood handle


Y-2D – Female
1st Place                                                                      Alyssia Bahe #078 – “Masani’s Flower”
2nd Place                                                                     Elle Claw #056 -“Butterfly in Forest”
3rd Place                                                                       Valencia F. Begay #101 – Pencil drawing

Special Award                                                               Amber Racheal Jessica Lansing #109 – Desert Arizona at Sunset”


Y-3D – Female
1st Place                                                                      Naomi Sky #202 – Colors of the Sky
2nd Place                                                                     Raven Y. Roy #136 – Boo! There’s Grandpa Horned Toad
3rd Place                                                                       Cori Kihibah Chavez #030 – Ladie’s ring (silver w/coral setting)

Honorable Mention                                                        Raven Y. Roy #136 – Bear Paw

CHILDREN DIVISIONS: (up to 11 years old)

C-2D – Boy
1st Place                                                                      Mosquadace’ Casuse #167 – “Colors Dancing”
2nd Place                                                                     Dominic Zahney #368 – “Tadi diin”
3rd Place                                                                       Dominic Zahney #368 – “Male Hogan”

Honorable Mention                                                        Brayden Yellowhorse #165 – “Tiger”

C-3D – Boy

1st Place                                                                      Hunter H. Roy #139 – “Hands like Grandma/Bear Paw” Pottery

C-2D – Girl
1st Place                                                                      Molena A. Begay #004 – “Moonscape”
2nd Place                                                                     Mya Rainy Sleuth #179 – “Thank You”
3rd Place                                                                       Nevrah Platerio #181 – Space Horse Headed Home

Honorable Mention                                                        Mia Autumn Baca #013 – Goldfish

C-3D – Girl

1st Place                                                                      Krystal Martin #123 – Rainbow Barrett (beadwork)
2nd Place                                                                     Sparrow Hawk L. Jones #137 – “Like Grandma” Pottery
3rd Place                                                                       Dakota G. Roy #138 – “Corn Smudge Bowl” Pottery